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  1. Robert Hunter: Is He Productive? USC's walk-on fullback has played two seasons for the team, and on the stat sheet he's not looking like a whole lot. In 23 games, Robert Hunter has carried the ball 23 times for 46 yards, good for exactly 2 yards per carry. He's only scored once, and has never broken off a big play, with his longest run coming in at 8 yards. This past season, Hunter was the most productive fullback in the NCAA, showing clearly the lack of value placed upon fullbacks by most teams and calling into question Hunter's own value, as his "league-leading fullbacking" has not earned him any noteworthy mentions in the general media. Though Hunter, and fullbacks, seem ineffective when looking at stat sheets exclusively, he believes that he's proved himself worthy of "good player" status, poor individual stats notwithstanding. "Being a fullback isn't about putting up numbers for yourself these days. We aren't all Christian Okoye or Bronko Nagurski out there, and with the way the game has evolved, it wouldn't even be a good idea to try to be. Modern-day fullbacking is about helping out the run game, sort of like being an extra lineman who's a bit more trim and who can pound the ball past the line for a yard or two when you need it." A quick look at the numbers--or, should we say, Numbers--says that Hunter may have a point--this past season, Trojans halfback Jimmy Numbers rushed for 1,778 yards, good for third in the NCAA.
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