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  1. At this point, I'm just a normal town too, but at least I'm confirmed as one.
  2. People do tend to trust the guy listing all the roles, at least at first. If OMW is mafia, he likely realized this. But, if he's town, he's helping the town by providing a lot of info in one place. So, either way I suppose it doesn't prove much. Tac has been quiet lately. Is it possible that he's trying to stay under the radar amid all the debate over everyone else?
  3. Shark and lat have both voted for each other. Interesting.
  4. Ok, here we go. @jhatty8 doesn't have me convinced that shark is innocent, but: Unvote Sharkstrong Vote LattimoreIsland I can definitely see shark getting lynched tonight anyway, but if we're knocking out a regular town I really don't care. Plus, the more shark says here, the more evidence we can potentially gather if he is in fact mafia.
  5. If @LattimoreIsland doesn't make a claim later on tonight I might change my vote. Still not convinced shark isn't mafia though.
  6. Shark's also been here, viewing this thread, since he got a few votes today, but has remained quiet.
  7. @TheLastOlympian hasn't been on since the 10th. Hasn't given any information, obviously, but let's not forget he exists in this game, one way or another.
  8. If anyone's wondering just what was edited, I didn't take away any information. I just went back and added the second bit. Good to know that there wasn't any gunsmith involvement here, and I was indeed targeted by the mafia.
  9. Interesting...aren't you the one who's been oddly quiet?
  10. Do we have a gunsmith here? Again, I was shot. Might mean gunsmith, also might not. If we do have a gunsmith, knowing who got the gun would be quite helpful.
  11. I'm convinced enough at this point. Vote Sharkstrong
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