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  1. +9 for Philip Moore +13 for Barron Sami
  2. Doubly accepted, let's go!!
  3. For Philip Moore football has always been second nature, from a young age playing flag football up until high school he knew football was his true calling. He has always been the star tight end for his small high school in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts but, no one really believed him when he said he was going to make an EFL team and rightfully so his school consisted of at most 60 kids in their graduating class so recruiters weren't coming to the games to see him shine. Philip knew he had to work harder than all the other high school prospects to get noticed and work harder he did. Whether it was extra hours in the weight room or staying late after practice with the QB to catch some more balls, everyone knew he was working hard. During his junior and senior seasons he was killing the other schools in his division, he racked up over 1000 yards both those two seasons and scored all but 5 of his teams touchdowns those seasons. If you asked him the highlight of his career was beating the team from the city that hasn't lost a game in 8 seasons. In that game Philip caught 4 touchdowns and had over 200 yards alone. With 9 weekly awards in those two seasons and being named player of the year both those seasons, people started believing he could really do it and make an EFL team. Philip wants to go down in the EFL history books as Mr. Reliable, he already has with his high school, no matter the deficit give the ball to Philip and he wants to make plays. He believes that with the right team spirit and hard work anything is possible. Some people even compare him to a modern day Gronk with his catching ability in tight spaces and ability to truck defenders off him he really provides a lot to a team. All that is left for him is to decide where he wants to go and start a new legacy for a college team and then for an EFL team.
  4. I'm just excited to be apart of this community, never really participated in a sim league for football but I think I will have a lot of fun with it.
  5. Welcome to the EFL lostbow! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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