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  1. Smith leaves college as a 1st team All American and Itou was 2nd team with a chance to get more hardware. Nice.
  2. Well, there's my Aspergers flaring up for ya.
  3. I made my fair share of big kicks at Bama though, including a few game winners... and I hit 45 straight extra points before whiffing. To say I lack confidence or clutchness is quite foolish... I played a key role in getting us to the Natty in my 1st year, and even showed up in the Natty itself. I wasn't the issue at Bama... I was steady and reliable. And that's what you ask for in a kicker.... you can be the next Vinateri all you want... I'll take being a John Carney type... accurate, precise & the guy that the Wolfpack fans will cherish for years to come... I wasn't quite there on FG's in college, mostly cause of my 4/7 start as a rookie bogging down my percentages.... take that away and I'm 33/40, which is a solid 82.5%.... a very respectable number and in line with what I'm aiming for.
  4. Not sure where Marion's at for TPE now, but I've jumped a lot in these past 3 weeks thanks to me having my NCAA salary to spend + getting tasks out of the way. I'm up to 245 applied, 248 earned once this week passes.... am at a 80 Power / 81 accuracy split now, along with 42 Intelligence cause I didn't know it didn't affect kickers (I thought it would play a factor and help with stuff like clutch kicks, the dummy that I am). Plus, me & @AW13 have a past.... were buds in VHL & he knows I'm a steady earner... I don't always add a ton of TPE to my guy, but I try to add at least some each week to get my guys up just a little bit. Plus.... we talked before the draft. So that helped.
  5. As the EFL Draft was unfolding, a debate was going on between reporters and the feud between two kickers on the board: Deshaun Marion of the USC Trojans and Cody Smith of the Alabama Crimson Tide, both seen as great options at their position for the next team on the clock. These two have had a bit of rivalry since the end of their sophomore years, in which Smith spoke out about he felt Marion's 1st team All American Selection was a farce.... and in the end, it seems he got the last laugh, as the San Antonio Wolfpack selected him with the 9th overall pick & the 1st selection of the 2nd round. Smith sported a sharp grey suit, with the Canadian Flag stitched inside, as promised during the pre-draft interviews as he stepped on the stage, grabbing his hat and hugging the EFL commissioner before being asked how he felt about this choice and the team. Smith was enthusiastic, as he immediately talked about how he felt about the Wolfpack, how he felt he would fit in with the club, what they need to make a playoff push and even talked about Amina Gunner, who he was ecstatic about, knowing she would fill a huge need at LB for SA. He also talked about how he felt the Tide would do, wishing his former teammates best of luck this upcoming season, most notably Sho Itou, a Japanese student who had only taken to football thanks to Smith and is considered to be an underrated gem of next years EFL Draft. He then proceeded to go over to Gunner, introducing himself as a teammate and hopefully enjoying the festivities with her as the draft continued. As for Deshaun Marion, the Trojan found himself on a winning team right away... with the Seattle Predators taking him with the 11th overall selection. Given the Predators kicker, Adam Winesorcery is hitting Free Agency, this is a smart move that most likely means Adam is moving on barring a trade or perhaps the club using one as a kicker, the other a punter.... time will tell on that front. As for the third kicker on the board, Oregon's Bruce Brucie, he fell to the 20th selection, going to the New York Herd after a trade was made with the Los Angeles Reign for said selection. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the Smith-Marion feud plays out, given the two will be Western Conference foes for many years to come. This feud has mostly been one-sided thanks to Smith being an instigator, but it all comes down to how they play on the field. Marion's always had the better team around him, and that hasn't changed, while Smith has always been the more prominent punter. This is one of those things that could go either way. Whatever happens, these two both deserve best wishes in their future endeavours, as both have shown they can be a key asset to their teams' success.
  6. After the 1st round of the EFL Draft concluded, the next pick in the draft baffled some, but others weren't so surprised.... as the San Antonio Wolfpack elected to take a young Canadian who plays with 1 shoe. Cody Smith, dubbed "The Bareless Booter of Bama" by fans as he 1st stepped onto the Tide field, didn't make his rookie debut till midway into the season, thanks to a mix of a VISA dispute as well as an altercation that happened during his last HS game. Nevertheless, Smith immediately stepped in and started to impress scouts, nailing all 20 extra point chances and making 4 of 7 FG's across 7 games as Alabama surprisingly made the playoffs with a 6-8 record. They then went on and upset Michigan, with Smith nailing a 36 yard field goal as well as making 2 extra point kicks to help his team get the 23-17 victory. They then went on to face the Texas Longhorns for the National title, and sadly the Tide came up short, with the Longhorns trouncing them 31-17.... with Smith nailing another 2 extra points and sinking a 26 yarder later on in the game, but he was down on himself as he had missed a 46 yarder that would've given the Tide a 10-0 cushion to start and may have even changed the teams fortunes. Sadly, this would also be the closest Smith would ever get to winning a National Title, as the Tide would miss the playoffs the next 2 seasons. In Smith's sophomore year, he made a goal for himself.... and that goal was to keep the extra point streak going. Not counting playoffs, Smith had made 20 straight for Alabama over the course of only 7 games.... however, the team around Smith wasn't as strong as last years club.... which already had a losing record. Because of this, Smith didn't receive as many chances as he had the previous year, but he did indeed complete his goal, hitting 19 extra points, giving him a standing streak of 39 straight. He also went 18 for 22 on field goals, putting him at 22 for 29 for his full college career, around 75%. All in all, Smith had one of the best years a kicker could ask for, however.... he was shunned by voters for an NCAA Award, not winnign the Gorza nor being named an All American. Smith even ended up speaking out about this after the season was done, saying he would come back with a vengeance in his third season. That third year.... Smith came out a blazing. In week 1, Alabama took out all their enegery on the Michigan Wolverines, pummelling them in a 44 - 3 romp... with Smith being a huge factor, kicking 3 field goals & going 5 for 5 on his XP's, the streak now at 44..... and Smith made it 45 with another extra point boot in a tough 34-7 loss to the USC Trojans. However, all streaks must come to an end, and Smith streak was snapped as he missed an extra point chance in the teams 3rd week loss to Miami... a 13-6 nail biter. And with that.... it seems Smith decided to take it easier on himself..... and well, he had a good year... but not his best. He finished missing 2 more extra points, going 25 of 28 & 15 of 18 on FG's.... not horrid, but definitely nothing spectacular either.... as Alabama finished the year at 7-7.... their best record since Smith joined them, but they failed to make the playoffs due to Miami beating Notre Dame in the final week, going 8-6. All in all, Smith decided it was time to declare for the EFL Draft, admitting that he had done as much as he could at the NCAA level. He finished his college career with 64 of 67 extra points made (.955%), 37 of 47 on field goals (.787%)... and as for his punting totals: 175 punts, 7342 yards (An average of roughly 42 yards per punt), with 25 of those punts landing inside the 20 yard line.... roughly 14%. It's not the greatest career we've ever seen from a kicker, but a solid one... even if he doesn't get any hardware.... which we'll find out about in the next few days, as the NCAA Awards take place very shortly... his final chance to be honoured by the NCAA community.
  7. @Turner With the merging of the DD and PTTD, is the new task going to be just 8 TPE, or will the amount go up to reflect the change? Either way, not a huge deal.... but I was gonna do a PTTD today LOL and that's now not a thing.
  8. Sho Itou +13 baby 2 away from uncap hype.
  9. As we look at the aftermath of a wonderful National Championship game, Cody Smith elected to peak in the media today, stating that he's chosen to declare for the EFL Draft this season. The 3rd year kicker, coined "The Bareless Booter Of Bama" for kicking barefoot during his time with the Tide, was happy to talk about why he made this decision: "I just felt it was time. After we failed to make the post-season, I knew I need a taste of the next level to excite me. I feel ready to make the leap to the next level. I'm in great shape, I've gotten a lot stronger this year and plan to keep working on that this offseason, and I know the EFL needs kickers. There are two others in this draft, Brucie & then Marion.... and you know how I feel about both. Brucie's a great dude, and I wish him the best wherever he lands. As for Marion, well... I was upset with you guys after you voted him to the 1st team All Americans last year. But honestly, he's not a bad guy either. He did great work for USC, and I know he's got a long and prosperous career ahead of him.... as do I. I'd also like to thank everyone I played with at Alabama. You made my 3 years fun and engaging... I never knew what to expect, I got to be clutch and I also sometimes did jack shit. But that's the life of a kicker. You go in when the coach calls on you, and you hope you give your team 3 points.... or you boot the ball far into the enemy's end zone. I'd also like to thank the fans. You guys always rooted for me, you would show up in the stands with one shoe on, you'd wave Canadian flags, you'd shout 'Bareless Booter" at me when I went to kick... I'm going to miss it, a lot. There's nothing like the college atmosphere, and it was a game-changer for me compared to High School, where like nobody showed cause it was Canadian High School football. Most guys that play at that level never get a shot. It took me a while thanks to that suspension.... but I'm glad I got mine. So, once again.... thank you."
  10. What a game. Miami came so close to the Cinderella ending, and it was a kicker who won the game for his team. What more can ya ask for?
  11. Yeah, but remember, they got a early start. I joined midway through a season in my rookie year, playing 7 of the 14 games.... so it makes sense I'm behind them, but I'm slowly catching up.
  12. I mean, Hammer... you read my post about how I felt in regards to Marion and the NCAA awards last year..... whose to say I can't keep some of that salt and use it as a semi-rivalry? Makes for a good story, and a fun little feud. #NotMyAllAmerican
  13. There's your box score.... even though Miami scored 20, it was really a battle of defences today. Congrats, Hurricanes... you had to fight to make it into the playoffs, and then you beat the Tiggers. Now let's see if you can complete the Cindarella story.
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