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  1. VHL +6 https://vhlforum.com/topic/64806-the-search-for-the-greatest-name-in-vhl-history-part-1/
  2. https://vhlforum.com/topic/55279-s64-rw-matthew-materazo-tpe-30/ VHL +5
  3. +6 https://vhlforum.com/topic/63785-vhl-debatetable-discord-vs-forums/
  4. Whats up chiefs, my player is Bruh Moment, ready to make an impact. I'm from the VHL, so a lot of you guys are familiar faces
  5. After his cousin Matthew Materazo hit the ice for the VHL's Malmo Nighthawks, Bruh Moment wanted to try out his hand at sports. He had always enjoyed watching and playing football, and he decided he wanted to play football. The problem with him was his odd appearance. He had an extra right arm, and had three arms, and had a foot partially growing out of his calf. Because of this, the football coach of his high school kidnapped him and brought him to a freak show, where he was ostricized for a couple years, largely known as the circus clown. He eventually escaped, using his speed, intelligence and pure strength to rip open the cage and storm his way out. He moved from Chicago to the quiet city of Des Moines, where he plays high school football. Many have said that the extra arm gives Bruh an advantage, especially considering he was one of the top linebackers from his class. Bruh Moment disagrees. After Bruh's incredible circus adventure, he hopes he can start to live a normal life. He also hopes that he becomes a star in the EFL; and that they make a movie out of his story. He considers himself a modern day "Elephant Man", which is a story about a diseased man that is made fun of. He hopes he can take a step closer to professional football with an NCAA scholarship, despite his deformities.
  6. Welcome to the EFL Matt_O! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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