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  1. Well lets see if we can pick up a couple of wins here. Been a rough season so far.
  2. The classic my WR vs. my CB matchup
  3. TEXAS(-11.5) @ NOTRE DAME
  4. Jeff

    JRD Player Agency

    JRD Agency Players Off to Slow Start Another year has started in the NCAA and it is another year of struggles for both of our JRD Player Agency clients. For Hurricanes cornerback Jarius St. Pierre it has been a big disappointment this season. St. Pierre was getting early season votes to win defensive back of the year but that couldn't be further from what has happened on the season. Through three games for the 1-3 Miami Hurricanes St. Pierre has a total of 11 tackles and no other stats. No passes defended and no interceptions. His season probably could not have gotten off to a worse start. As for Wolverines wide receiver Jeff Downey the opposite could be partially said. While his team, the Michigan Wolverines, are off to a terrible 0-3 start, he is off to an excellent one personally. Despite currently catching balls from the 7th ranked quarterback based on yardage he sits third in the nation with 14 catches for 222 yards and a touchdown. He is definitely making the most out of a passing limited situation that has the team struggling overall. Look for both players to try and improve their draft stocks as the year goes on and the EFL draft approaches.
  5. Jeff

    S16 Halloween Prompt

    And with that field goal... Texas has won their 10th consecutive National Championship!
  7. Entered late so this probably doesn't work but I left the week 3 games off. Week 4 Oregon v Miami Alabama v Notre Dame USC v Michigan LSU v Texas Week 5 Alabama v USC Notre Dame v Michigan Miami v LSU Texas v Oregon
  8. NY HERD(-7.5) @ NO KRAKEN
  9. WEEK 3 Reign @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Predators Brigade @ Herd Kraken @ Neptune WEEK 4 Brigade @ Wolfpack Mambas @ Kraken Predators @ Herd Reign @ Neptune WEEK 5 Predators @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Reign Herd @ Kraken Neptune @ Brigade
  10. Because simple math dictates that 20-15 > 19-14
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