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  1. NCAA ain't ready for me, I'm fast as fuck boi
  2. #18 - 6'1" - Raleigh Ritchie - WR - 166lb - Greenwich,CT Raleigh Ritchie was born in the UK and having only recently emigrated to the US has little in the way of organised football experience. He has some experience in playing Rugby which gives him some skills that will transition over to the American game. He was signed up as an backup WR for his friends high school team Greenwich in Connecticut, one of the top teams in the state. Initially brought on to train with the team and provide a body for the Quarterbacks to pass to in practice Ritchie got his chance after a string of unfortunate injuries led to a shortage of players for the team. Ritchie was selected for the team on the bench with 6 games left in the season. He sat on the bench for 2 games without seeing a minute on the field but that was not long lived. A high hit on the teams 1st choice WR James Cooperson meant that Riticie was the next man up. It would be a fairy tale story to say that he excelled in his role immediately but this is not some hollywood film. Ritchie has a terrible first game, he dropped 3 open catches from the nerves and the one time he got his hands on the ball he was hammered by a hard tackle and fumbled the ball away. Disheartened, Ritchie hung his head as he walked into the locker room, the team had still scraped out a close win but Ritchie knew he had no contribution to the win. His coach slapped his mammoth arms over his shoulders, "Listen kid, you were bad, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, but your seeing the field from a narrow perspective. Sure you didn't gain any yards yourself but I could see the space you were making for our other receivers with your speed. You think we had an open man in the end-zone in that final quarter for no reason? It's was your cut that pulled the safety away and helped win us the game. It was your energy down to the final seconds that helped the team. The catches and yards and touchdowns will come with time but that effort, that heart. That's something you don't teach, that's something you build within yourself and that's what will take you to the next level kid." Ritchie started the next game, he still wasn't great but he made a couple of catches, he put some yards up on the scoresheet and Greenwich took another game. The next game he scored his first touchdown, a deep throw giving him 2 yards of space that his speed stretched to 5 and an clear run to the end zone. It was the spark he needed to take off and Ritchie would help Greenwich finish out the season 7-2, improving from the 3-4 record before he started. Credit from the turnaround was mostly given to the QB and the defensive line who were some of the best in the league but teammates lauded Ritchie's energy and drive whenever they were asked about what turned the season around. Attentive fans of the high school would have noticed a few college branded hoodies lurking about the bleachers and while most would assume they were looking at the teams star QB and TE, even more scrupulous observers would see some scouts eyes following the blur that was Raleigh Ritchie speeding down the byline to score his 5th and final touchdown of the season. A raw physical freak is something that many college are willing to take a risk on and perhaps Ritchie will not be the exception to the rule.
  3. Hey all my fans, i'll be on Twitter @RRitche18 to answer some of your questions about the upcoming season so hit me up. #NCAA #EFL #Recruitingseason
  4. Link Affiliate Media Spt/Graphic/Podcast for +6, or claim +3 for free (Capped TPE is a max of 6 with free welfare)
  5. oh nvm it's conference finals format etc
  6. wait the two top teams lost in the semis?
  7. Tex vs Oregon gonna be hype
  8. Air Ritchie scouting for a place to land
  9. Visit to USC The second offer that came through Ritchie's letterbox had the red and gold logo of the South Carolina Trojans, the team who has struggled significantly this season. They were looking for pieces to fit to their teamplay oriented style. They're focus was not on the the glitter and glamour of a team full of stars but instead on the grit and grind of a long seasons and starting prep for the next opponent after every game. The AD stressed the importance of continuous improvement rather than looking at success as a flash in the pan. The down-to-earth approach from the AD was a good sign to Ritchie, they doubled down on the focus on the journey not the result. To find success you need to work, to get minutes you need to train and all that will contribute to getting the opportunity to attain all the goals that you set was what the staff and members at USC told Raleigh in his visit. The biggest doubts that plagued Ritchie on his way home was on the possibility of success at USC, he has worked through development programs before and experienced the struggle from the bottom before, he wasn't sure that he wanted to go through that again, he wanted to see the lights of a playoff game and feel the elation of winning. USC come in early and keen and the lesser current talent on the squad is balanced somewhat by the opportunities and minutes available. They'll definitely be a consideration in the coming summer. though their focus on a running game rather than passing could lead to less of the ball for Ritchie, a definite con to committing to the Trojans. @Wally
  10. Visit to LSU Ritchie's first contact from a college was from the Louisiana State University Tigers, the sleek letter came with a plane ticket and a warm invitation to come to the campus to look around, meet the staff and get a feel for the culture that has been built around the team. The new Athletic Director stressed how despite the program's recent lack of success he had been brought in to turn the ship around and that's what he was going to do. Having already managed to attain 3 wins on the season compared to only 6 in their programs previous 3, there was definite signs that this team has a spark glowing in the embers ready to be blown back to life especially with their recent big upset over the league leading Texas Longhorns. Ritchie did state after to local student reporters that he had some doubts about the amount of playing time that they could offer him with Goodall West and Devin Schwaibold already on the roster. Overall it was a strong pitch and showing early interest in the future of the raw prospect puts LSU in a good spot in the running for RR18's signature as buying in on a up and coming team might be what Ritchie needs to gain the confidence needed to succeed in the EFL. @Psanchez55
  11. Raleigh Ritchie the raw recruit that's travelled over from the UK has decided on his future, well as far as the rest of the year goes. He's planning on redshirting a year or waiting until the next off-season to begin his college career, despite early offers of starting and playing time at LSU and USC already received. Ritchie said it's one of the toughest decisions he's made so far, "I felt like choosing right now would be the wrong move, I know there's a lot of differences in all the colleges and I'd like to get a feel for the whole spread of my options. There's teams out there that might not have a spot right now but will in the summer and I feel like commiting to a college right now would be a mistake. Also I'd like to see the colleges dispositions next season, I want to start my American football career off in the right way and that's winning games, team's prospects can change drastically in the summer especially with the likes of high school stars that I've already heard about like Bishop Baker @Shaka, Steely Mannschaft @chemicalfire, Rock Lemmington @Wally, and Lorrence Longfingers @jhatty8." I'm new to the football scene obviously but some of these players have been scouted by player agencies that I've heard of and are highly regarded in other professional leagues, and it's a not a secret that I'd love to play with some of these elite talents.
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