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  1. Player Profile: Name: Michelle Obama Position: WR Team: LSU Tigers Height: 72 inches Weight: 200 lbs Hometown: Chicago Player Description: Michelle Obama is one of the big bomb weapons that LSU have on the offense. She's incredibly quick on her feet, agile as a cat and superb hands to pair. The wide receiver has been turning tons of heads last season as she was a contender for WR of the year and will slot again as one of the top offensive guns in the NCAA. Some of her downfalls are that she could be catching more or that she occasionally she doesnt have the composure to hold onto some catches. She's been noted that her hard work in practice to repair these mistakes are noted but there are a lot of reports that she does like to have a lot of junk food on her spare time. Her previous experience in sports as well as in the white house office prior to joining the NCAA will be considered an asset. Player Interview: How has your time been at LSU? What do you think of your future? "Well, it's been okay. My husband absolutely loves it out here in Louisiana but theres just so many food options for me to go off track. Often time I do catch myself getting fried chicken on multiple days of the week which does affect my play. Overall, the coaching staff are wonderful and the fans are incredible. I'm glad I can call LSU home for now. My future will hopefully be a star in the EFL. I know I'm capable but it truly depends on a lot of different aspects. I know that once I have less distractions, I will be able to get on and push to the next level." What was it like being the First Lady of the USA? "It's funny you ask this. I'd say it was maybe the biggest highlight of my entire life. It was an absolute pleasure but it came with a lot of sacrifices. My kids being one of them, which I'm not so proud of to admit, but now that we're out of office; I get to call my children on a daily basis and be a true support to them in every single way. Overall, I'd never trade that First Lady position away but I'm also glad that I've closed that chapter of my life" Who has had the most impact on your play? "Besides Barack, it has to be my children. They're always around me, supporting me and giving me tons of encouragement. On a mental standpoint, it would have to be my family. On a physical standpoint, the coaching staff have gotten my to such a physical level that I never knew I could be this strong and this fast. It also feels like I can keep improving as well, I know I can." Do you have a message for any of the GM's in the EFL? "I'm not declaring for the draft this season, I'm planning on declaring next season with my husband. I'd like to mention that I am a packaged deal in that I will only play with my husband and if we were to separate, I will hold out in the contract negotiation. Besides that, I know I can be a force in the league for years to come. I'm willing to put in the work and get things done even if it is the impossible. I'm the one you pass to when there is 5 seconds left and we need a touchdown."
  2. Player Profile: Name: Barack Obama Position: FS Team: LSU Tigers Height: 72 inches Weight: 200 lbs Hometown: Honolulu Player Description: Barack Obama is one of the rocks on the defense on a strong yet slightly underperforming LSU side. He's incredibly quick on his feet and has some solid hands to pair. The young strong safety has been turning heads at camp and within the league as one of the most impressive defenders in the league and should slot be considered as one of the top safeties in the NCAA. Some of his downfalls are that he's not agile enough or strong enough as a safety, but he has been working extra hard with the coaching staff at LSU on improving those exact little things. What is nice is that he's got a lot of experience being the President before entering the NCAA. I expect a huge surge of play once he hits the big leagues due to his intelligence and the potential of his improved physicality. Player Interview: How has your time been at LSU? What do you think of your future? "Well, it's been incredible since I've joined this program. I've gone through 2 different coaches and now we're going through our 3rd official coach. Every single one has given me new tools to succeed and compete at such a level. Each of them has commented on how I could do this even at the highest level and impress there. It's incredible to feel that they feel this way about me but I want to focus mostly on one day at a time. Trust the process." What was it like being the President of the USA? "Well, Jim, let me put it like this for ya. It was possibly the most taxing job I've ever had in my entire life. I mean, I was in office for 8 years yet people don't realize that it truly took 10 years of my life. Between all the campaigning and all the policy work, my body was drained after I was done. An entire decade of time. I had grey hairs in places I didn't know grey hairs could come out of." Who has had the most impact on your play? "Well, besides my family in their belief of me and all the hardwork they've put into me, I'd have to say all three head coaches I've had at LSU. They've all been great at mentoring me into the player I am today and I intend to live up to the expectations that they've laid out for me. Every single one of them believes in hard work but also patience so I know my time will come." Do you have a message for any of the GM's in the EFL? "I'm not declaring for this draft, I will be declaring for the next and keep an eye out for me. I will be determined to crack your roster and show I have what it takes as. I'm also patient and willing to learn the system and work on my own play but you better believe that I think I can be one of the best in my era."
  3. She was quite impressive last season. Hopefully she can keep it up!
  4. We ran the ball way too much there. Should've gone to the passing game. GL in the finals, Miami.
  5. fonziGG

    S15 NCAA WEEK 12

    the game of the week was a bit boring ngl
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    S15 NCAA WEEK 11

    Finally amirite @Nykonax
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    S15 NCAA WEEK 10

    Huge win for LSU. 67 yards for Michelle is also incredible!
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