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  1. Longhorns absolutely demolished the Ducks. Wow
  2. This game is going to look interesting!
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    My fellow Americans. I just want to say thank you for the overwhelming support my post-Presidential reign and I wanted to announce that I will be joining LSU this season as a Strong Safety. I was redshirted last season but this season I am making sure that I will on the field this season and an integral piece to the team. My intentions are to show the world that anything is possible and that even an incredibly aged 57 year old man can still be in top physical and mental shape. My goal is also to show that obesity has no place in our community if I sat on my butt all day long working on making our proud nation a force. Even I could get my 12,000 steps a day and that we will be a strong nation if we have the quads that go with it, if we have the biceps to go with it. With that we can become physically strong, mentally strong and emotionally strong. I promise you that we can improve. I promise you, Becky, that you can drop 250 lbs, glow up and get a bubble butt for an additional 2,000 likes on Instagram. We can do this you fat slobs, WE CAN DO THIS! Barack Obama
  4. "Show up, dive in, stay at it. Sometimes you'll win, something you'll lose." -Barack Obama I remember fondly of my last speech as President of the United States of America in Chicago. It was nearly two and a half years ago, on January 10th, 2017. This was on my 8th year in such an illustrious position. The Leader of the Free World. Well, now I'm the leader of my beautiful La-Z Boy love seat. Well, definitely more than that around the house. Michelle has claimed the bedrooms and office since she's began her book. I've been in charge of the home renovations, living room, kitchen (my Jambalaya is immaculate), dining room and foyers are my designated places to take care of. For the past 8 years, Michelle has been the rock of this entire family. Now, it's my turn to return the favour for her to jumpstart her career. She acted as the best First Lady I could have ever asked for. She was a a model citizen and Another thing I've been doing is help coaching a young local high school's football team. It's been an absolute joy to be helping the next generation learn the essential skills and qualities taught by playing football in an organized manner. It reminded me of my days of playing high school basketball. I remember all the training we did every single day, 5 days a week. The discipline it taught us, the patience I gained in my chance to play. My chance in high school athletics reminded me of so many memories. Coaching this team has been a major reminder of the incredible memories I had growing up. Anyways, we were at a game with a local rivalry and some scouts from some major colleges had came out to watch some of the boys on our team as well as the opposition. We have some very young stars coming through the ranks and we were proud of their improvement throughout the year. We were doing some warm ups and stretching and I could feel the eyes on the back of my neck. I know they came out to see the gems on our squad but it felt they may have been a little star struck by a former president at a high school football. I've noticed this at previous games and figured it came with my past. This time, however, was a little different. I was met with some of them after the game and they were asking how I maintained my speed and my acceleration. I mentioned that I spent the first 2 hours of my mornings on the treadmill running and that I needed that to keep fit in the Whitehouse. I was also asked if I happened to play NCAA football at all. I mentioned that I did not play any organized athletics in college and that I just decided to maintain my athletics via general exercise. Thats where I met with the Athletic Director of LSU. He mentioned his team was struggling and they were looking for a strong safety to redshirt. He also mentioned that somebody with my stature would be an incredible coup as he plans to motivate fans in Louisiana. I tended to agree with him and luckily we lived in the area. Michelle has also maintained her sprints and weight to also play at the NCAA level. This could be a new era for the Obama family and for that, I'd like to leave you with one final note. He protecc He attacc But most importantly, He Baracc Yours truly, Barack Obama
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    THE OBAMAS After 8 long years, we were out of the White House. Imagine that. 8 years, gone, just like that. It was an eerie feeling to know that everything me and Barack worked for is just... Finished. On top of that they brought in some orange guy. Whatever. I decided to write a book so me and Barack can be relevant. I mean yeah, we're the first African-American family in the White House and I'm sure the people want to continue hearing from us. It's been 3 weeks since we left the White House and Barack has finally gotten fitter. His hair is restoring and he's lost 15 pounds of fat. He was a basketball player growing up and funny enough, Judge Judy from the SBA was trying to recruit him to Wichita State. He met up with his buddy @Psanchez55 from LSU and decided to get into football. Barack always had good hands in basketball and he's quite quick on the run so we'll see. I think he likes to play defence so he's definitely heading in that direction. I was considering joining too but they only had 1 redshirt spot left and I figured I'd take this time writing my book. I guess we're playing for Louisiana.
  6. Just curious, what do I do now?
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