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  1. ND i might have missed this lmao
  2. lol wtf did we really just give up 15 points in the 4th. alright.
  3. fonziGG


    Hello everyone! It's Michelle here today. I decided to give you an update on our current situation with the team and our lives Barack has not stopped eating ribs. Seriously, can somebody take my husband and tell him to wake the hell up? Guy is making ribs every fricken other day, I'm up to my neck in ribs. Like, I think my B12 levels have raised to an astronomical level. Shake this man, he's being a complete idiot. Yes, it was offseason you nut job. but it's not the start of the season. I'm getting fat as shit and my mother came over yesterday and told Barack that he's a fat slob. This doesn't look good for us in the slightest. Well, regardless, Barack has made a move into the FS position and has used his energy from the B12 to become a very quick dude. Well, I'm also quick but we're getting very quick now a days. Barack has gotten stronger as well as worked on his hands which is fantastic for his line of defense. We've been working on him catching more interceptions which I think we need more of in the team. Our defense is looking real nice since he's switched roles. I have been working harder at getting faster and moving more erratically so I can get more open for the QB. I've caught 1 TD so far this season which is huge for myself considering last season our offense was primarily run first. I think with the work I've put into practice with the new coaching staff and team, we might move to a passing offence which will depend on me and a few others which is real nice. Lets go LSU!
  4. Ask the former President and First Lady anything you'd like.
  5. Rip. Unlucky for us. We're still getting settled!
  6. Week 1 Mambas Predators Reign Neptune Week 2 Predators Wolfpack Herd Neptune
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