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  1. smh 3 3rd down drops.........good thing i was able to redeem myself by getting us in FG range with a completion.....sheesh....glad the team got the win
  2. Accepted.....for my Senior year I'm gonna need that 5 milly scholly lol
  3. good season Miami....can't wait to do this again next season
  4. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.....Lets goooo CANES!!!!
  5. tough loss.....we'll get better though
  6. niiiiice we got the win
  7. good win squad.....we needed that...
  8. LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Matty's Freshman season was full of highs and lows. From a personal standpoint, Matty was still recovering from offseason surgery and spent most of the season getting back into shape. He finished with 37 Catches and 443 Yards. He even contributed a touchdown. For the season the coaches had Thomas on a snap count, they did not want him to put too much of a strain on any of his surgically repaired knees. He helped the Hurricanes reach the national championship game where they lost. However, the season was a success from a team standpoint. They go into the next season with something to prove, and Thomas looks to be a key contributor. "What are you working on to get ready for the next season?' a reporter asked Thomas. "Well....for one I'm working on my speed......I think with my size I already have an advantage, but I want to be faster, I want to be able to outrun defensive backs, not just outjump them. With Colt gone to the EFL, I know my role with the team will increase dramatically." Another reporter quickly blurted out "Matty, what does this team have to do to get back to the National championship?' Thomas looked at the reporter. "Well its simple, we have to consistently run the ball and set up the play action. Its football, its simple' said Thomas with a grin. "Ok I can take one more....." said Thomas as he looked around. "Matty, what did you think of your freshman season?" Matty let out a small chuckle. "From a team standpoint , I think we achieved a level that we always knew that we could reach. Getting to the National championship not only gave us experience, but it made us even more hungry to get back there and even win it next time. Thats our goal, to win it all......now from a personal standpoint, I had just recovered from surgery and spent most of the season getting back into game shape. It was a tough season for me from a personal standpoint because i was limited....I know what I can do on the field now its time to show everybody else."
  10. Freshman: 1250 Yards, 13 TDs - As soon as Matty stepped on to his high school campus he was a star. Coming off of 3 straight state titles in middle school, Matty was instantly featured as the varsity team's top wideout. Although most of the upper classmen did not like the idea of a freshman coming in and being top dog, they soon understood why as Thomas would dominate in practice. His big frame towered over opposing DB's and Thomas was great at using his physical stature to form a sort of wall that DB's could not get around. As a freshman Thomas led the team to a state title and the collegiate offers started pouring in. Thomas let it be known from the start that the University of Miami is where he wanted to be. He was enamored by the tradition. Sophmore: 1650 Yards, 19 TDs - Thomas' Sophmore year was a thing of beauty. He begin to incorporate the weight room into his training regime. Adding bulk to his towering frame made Thomas almost unarguable at the high school level. Thomas had gotten better at getting separation so he found himself even more open than he was during his freshman year. Thomas feasted on the competition and was beginning to gain national recognition. His crazy catches were starting to get heavy rotation on sports networks. Thomas once again led the team to another state title game, however, during the game, Thomas ending up hurting his knee, tearing his Left ACL. As a result his team lost. Junior: 0 Yards - Thomas sat out for the entire season as he was rehabbing his injury. He took this time to learn the game of football. His coach let him serve as an assistant coach to the wide receiver's coach. It was a long and grueling process but Thomas was able to make a full recovery. He spent the summer at a camp, unfortunately, since he was overcompensating he tore the ACL in his right knee. This devastated Thomas because he really wanted to play his senior year of high school ball and this injury would keep him out for another year. Senior: 236 Yards, 4 TDs - No one talked about him anymore, nobody cared. He hadn't played football in almost two years but Matty kept a positive outlook on the situation. He knew what he could do. By this time the team had reloaded and brought in great talent. However the team would not go on to have the success that was hoped for. Thomas did come back for the final 2 games of the season. He had over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns in both. It was a miracle that Thomas was even able to come back, however he knew that something did not feel right. He informed the team and the doctors recommended surgery to clean out some things. While recovering Thomas was visited by the coach of the University of Miami at the time. The coach was still interested in Matty even after the surgeries. This made Matty happier than anything he could of imagine. Once Matty made a full recovery he headed to the University of Miami.
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