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  1. Geez.. In the words of Kobe Bryant, I wet the bed. I don't know what to say team. I'm sorry. I'm not focused on the field. I apologize for that. That isn't how I want to represent us. I'm better than this. 15 yards?!? That's pathetic. That's not The U. I can tell you what happened. It may not be a good excuse. but it's the reason nonetheless. I sent my cousin a text saying i was going to be playing in TV this weekend. I know he's never seen me play before. He didn't even know that I was playing at all. I didn't think he would care about it. I mean, he was never baptized and didn't care too much about the meetings anyway. So let me explain this scenario: I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. And now I'm not. I know, "so"? "And"?. It gets complicated... So when you leave like I did, they are taught to shun you. I was baptized, then left. They call it "disfellowshiping" if they kick you out, say for like, a sin against God. If you leave and tell them you don't want to be a Jehovah's Witness because you don't believe in it anymore, you "disassociate" yourself. Either option means that all other Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to talk to you. Family included. I got baptized at 7 years old. I didn't know any better. I just did it so my mom would leave me alone. She scared me to death with all that Armageddon talk. I just didn't want God to kill me since nobody knew when it was coming. I didn't know at 7 that meant at 17 I wouldn't have any family. Or that my friends would basically disavow me. Anyways... my cousin is not baptized. He goes to meetings because he has to. I figured he was ok to talk to, or so i thought. His elder stepdad (we'll cover elders later) called me to inform me that apostates (we'll cover that too) aren't allowed to call or contact anyone in his family. Not to speak to his "God fearing" children Then hung up phone. Some elder he is. My cousin is only 15. I gotta spare him from this. That spilled into a call from my mom to further berate me about how Satan has corrupted my thinking and texting my cousin was proof. I couldn't tell if she was joking or not, but I obviously knew she wasn't. I haven't spoken to my mom in months. And this is what she calls to do. All of this the night before what was supposed to be my arrival on the college scene. I just couldn't get that out of my head all game. I'm looking at game film of all the wide open holes that I look basically scared to run through. I played afraid. Timid. But I know every thought in my head too. I wasn't there on the field. I'm gonna hit the gym hard this week. I dont want to let you guys down again. You're all the family I have at the moment. And you guys are relying on my to give my all. I will from here on out.
  2. Wow... I'm here. In Miami . I never thought in a million years this would be possible. It's a life that i didn't thought existed. Or at least existed in a different way. I was always told this kinda thing was evil, and what God told us to refrain from. I know it sounds like I'm being extra, or overexaggerated it. But I'm not. I was thought as a kid that Jehovah didn't want us to go to college or played organized sports because we were to remain seperate from worldly, unclean influences. That college would do more harm than good. We could learn all we need to know at the kingdom hall. You should have seen the look on my family's faces when I announced my entire plans out during my graduation speech. They were livid. The reaction was priceless. Watching half the auditorium go crazy and cheer while a noticeable group of 15 or so sat there emotionless. They thought I was going to pioneer. That they talked me out of this last year. No football. Or college. Just preach. Even if my parents were proud of me for graduating as one of to students in the state, those same parents kicking me out the next day for doing it. Told me they were handing me over to Satan and they'll call the elders for me. You would have thought I was a criminal the way I was treated. I've never been in trouble a day in my life in school. Straight A's. I was legit a good kid. Im real laid back. But it was typical of my parents. They always leveraged my right to choose my life with disowning me for not fully believing what we were learning at the meetings. I never thought it was come to this though. Honestly, it wasn't a choice. It was either conform or leave. Preach or get out. There was never compromise. They're too high and mighty to find middle ground. Even when I started proving things wrong, I just got told to stop talking and start praying. That was a common phrase in our house. Glad I won't hear that again. I'm lucky coach got a hold of the AD down here and got me enrolled early so I could get a dorm room, or basically I would've been homeless. Now I'm down here alone. With no safety net. But a really fresh outlook on life. And a firm grip on reality. I also get to do the one thing that lets me escape the pain and misery I went through as a kid. I found friends and caring adults who actually tried other things to help me succeed, like football. Football was fun and easy, and the discipline needed to get better everyday is a change and challenge I crave. To think I had to sneak around to do it is equally stupid and amazing. I want to get to know my teammates, but I feel awkward around them. They probably won't understand what I'm going through.. It's a long story. And it's going to be a long season. I'll gladly tell you all about it, eventually. My story, no matter how far fetched it seems, is a story shared by thousands of other survivors. Yes, survivors. Of mental, emotional, sometimes even physical abuse. Of terrible parenting habits passed on by people who don't care. Of children who fell through the cracks -not because of violence or addiction like you see in the movies, but because of bad decisions made off of bad advice passed along as God's divine direction- and made a life for themselves. It's a story of escaping.
  3. Tanner McEvoy- Joe Quick
  4. Joe Quick, born in Indianapolis, is a extremely raw, but extremely talented scat style running back. Only played one year of HS football, but broke several single season rushing records in the process, including YPG, YPC, and - in evidence of his speed and elusiveness- YBFC (yards before first contact) and TD's. Quick was not able to play until his senior year, after his 18th birthday, when he was able to declare age of majority and overrule his parents decision to forbid him to play based on religious objections. Quick displays a maturity not normally seem in 18 year olds. He has had an interesting last 2 years and had diplayed outstanding leadership qualities on and off the field despite off field issues. 2nd in his graduating class with a 4.1 GPA. Quick lives up to his name, possessing track level speed to pair with agility and soft, natural hands. Extremely high IQ for his age, finding holes in the line and setting up/ using blocks on second level only seen from career prep kids. Absorbs the game like a sponge, eager to learn and work in the film room, weight room and practice field. Will need to develop proper blocking techniques to be effective on passing downs. Needs strength, muscle, fat; anything to give him more mass to absorb blocks and tackles. Average at shedding tackles, but largely due to size. Most technique issues can be coached. Not fumble prone, but mostly from large hands and not from technique. Will need coaching before drops due to better competition becomes an issue. Quick was recently put out of his parents home for "disassociating" from his parents religion. He no longer has ties to them as they "can no longer communicate" with him. My staff and I are baffled and surprised by this. We reached out to his parents numerous times, but was always told that he shouldn't have "worldly association". Again, he's an outstanding kid who has never been in trouble, 4.1 GPA with no charater issues and glowing praise from his teachers and faculty, but his parents cut him off and have advised fellow family members to do so as well. He has taken it in stride, stating his commitment to playing as much college football necessary to prepare for the EPL, openly stating he wants to complete his degree before being drafted. He doesn't press much when speaking on the subject, but he does seem distracted by it. Something to keep an eye out for. He won't say it, but he really needs to get this burden off his shoulders to clear his mental state. The coaching staff here has attempted to, but with little success. Maybe a college counselor, or faculty advisor can help. Again, he's completely focused on the field, but I'm sure it will hurt knowing he doesn't have family support during his college career. Whatever college he commits to will get a diamond in the rough. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for determination, effort, and hustle. He has all the natural gifts to be an elite running back.
  5. Welcome to the EFL Jspivey01! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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