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  1. Jay Rice was born in Detroit Michigan, he's the oldest of three kids. Growing up Jay was always out of the house playing with his neighbors from sun up to sun down, switching between basketball in the street or football in someone's yard. Rice started out in of the cities big high schools where he struggled to fit in. Fortunately he found himself on the football field and the basketball court, he worked his way up in both sports considered being a rising star in both. By the end of his Sophomore season Rice's parents were getting recruited by the biggest football factory in the state Prep school Cass Tech, and powerhouse basketball private school Detroit Country Day. With both schools offering top notch academics and the chance to get him noticed in their sport of choice, Rice's parents gave Jay the choice. Jay ended up choosing football and Cass Tech. Jay spent the next two years improving his game with some of the top coaches in the state and going to big time camps in the region. While he kept playing basketball he also picked up Track in the summer. By his senior season he was considered the best RB in the state, the starting SG on the basketball team, and a top 10 runner in the Detroit area in track. Jay won state's while running for 214 yards and 3 total touchdowns (2 running, and 1 receiving). He's 3rd all time in the state with 46 rushing TDs in one season, and he had 2,300 yards rushing to go with it. Off the the field he got his grades on track and graduated with 3.2 GPA, he did some volunteering outside of school but wasn't very active in outside school activities. As a recruit Jay Rice is considered a back that can run through some tackles while still having some shiftiness to make tacklers miss. While he doesn't have Olympic speed, he's still one of the fastest players on the field no matter where he plays. What really makes Jay special his vision, he rarely makes the wrong decision when he it comes to finding the right running lane. Rice is considered one of the top RBs in his recruiting class and any team would be lucky to have him. Rice currently has no offers, but his excited to see what teams contact him.
  2. Patrick Ryan was born and raised in Flint Michigan. Throughout his middle school career Patrick participated in every sport possible while keeping up with his grades, as an incoming Freshman to a relatively small private high school his athletics profile was known throughout the area. Early in Ryan's high school career he focused on two sports; football and hockey. He wanted to keep the spring and summers open for resting, camps, and individual training. In hockey he was known as a skilled defenseman who could read on coming rushes well and make smart passes, while laying the wood on players who didn't keep their head up. Due to the small nature of his high school Ryan started on varsity as a LB, and was moved around on the offense playing RB, FB, and the occasional TE spot. Patrick played well his first 3 seasons but really took off in his senior season. He broke the Michigan high school record of most tackle for losses with an incredible 45 tackles behind the line. He also followed in up with 2 INT's, 7 FFs, and 5 sacks. His senior year of high school he won state championships in both hockey and football including a goal line stop in the state championship game to seal the win for his team, he also made the Detroit Free Press's football Dream Team. Off the field Patrick graduated with a 4.0 GPA, with a special honor in history, he also was involved in the debate team and model United Nations. As a recruit Patrick Ryan is known for motor and smarts. He doesn't get fooled on play action and is able to find the ball carrier on every play. He's got the athleticism to keep with RBs out of the back field and lining up over a TE. But out of all of those qualities he's known for his bone crushing tackles on the ball carriers and receiver brave enough to go over the middle. Patrick Ryan grew up watching the Michigan Wolverines and they are considered his dream school, but with no current offers he will be happy to listen to any schools with interest in him.
  3. I'm excited to join and see what the EFL is all about.
  4. Welcome to the EFL JaytheGreat! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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