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  1. Yeah, I just got an email from Oregon
  2. Alex Indra was born on the 14th May, in Chicago Illinois, to Jordan, and Kat Indra. He had an older sister called Isabella, (Izzy for short) and went to Curie School, in Chicago. Growing up, Alex had often swapped positions. Starting off, he would often play QB as a kid, but as he grew older, he developed great natural speed and switched to the RB role. Just before High School, he switched to the WR role. Alex’s father was a semi-professional football player turned coach, for the JV team in Curie School, so Alex was almost forced to attend his fathers’ former high school. Luckily, he loved the school, making life-long friends, and developing his life-long love for Football. He would start in the JV team, like any other freshman, coached by his harsh father, and would quickly join the Varsity team, only in his sophomore year. From there, he would help guide his team to 3 state finals, 2 of which he won, in his junior and senior years. In terms of stats, Indra broke records in his High School, receiving for a total of 1000 yards, in both his junior and senior years. Many people were bewildered by his sheer speed, flashing past his opponents for easy first downs. His receptions number was through the roof in his senior year, as well as his touchdown number. First ranked in his sophomore year, Indra came out of High School as a 4/5-star recruit, and as many people ambitiously await his late decision, highlights of his exciting plays have taken the Internet by storm. As a recruit, Indra is mainly known for his raw speed and athleticism. He has an eye for the game too, thanks to his clever father, who had the opportunity to study the game first-hand, until injuries had ruled him out, and retired him early. Alex himself has not received any costly injuries yet in his career. With all the positives, comes only one negative… His strength. Unfortunately, whilst he’s a naturally gifted speedster, he’s not naturally gifted in terms of raw strength. But, that is easily avoidable through hard work and determination, something that Alex Indra has.
  3. Alex Indra - DeSean Jackson
  4. Hey everyone, excited to finally start my EFL career! Just came from the SBA. Just a question, is upgrading your player the same in this website as in the SBA?
  5. Welcome to the EFL Agate123! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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