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  1. ok so how much money I have now?
  2. Wtf. Why is the font like that. That’s not the one I chose
  3. Jackie Band's High School Career Intro: Jackie's high school's career isn't like any other players' career, this is not a fail and coming up story, this is a story where the unexpected happens when you never expect it. This is Jackie's coming up story and how he developed into who he is today. Freshman Year: Coming into HS, Jackie was expected to be the next big thing. After his 8th grade season, in which he had multiple astonishing performances, he impressed many HS coaches and so many college coaches that he was heavily recruited coming into HS. As a freshman in HS, Jackie ended up coming off the bench for his first season on JV as the coaches felt he was not ready for the big leagues in HS yet. In fact, after one game during the year, Jackie heard the coaches talking about how ass he was and that the only reason he made the team was because of his mom paying the school many donations. The second he heard this he busted out of the locker and screamed down the road to his house. Band kicked down and with his face red and tears coming out of his eyes he yelled Mom how could you do this too me! As she comes stomping down the stairs and they argue, Jackie thinks to himself, "I can't believe this, my parent, fuck this"., and as he storms out his house, he gives his mom the deadliest stare one could ever see, and he says, "I hate you". Just as he was coming out he saw his brother Lionel Bands, he had been the star kicker as a freshman on the varsity team this year. It turns out, the heard everything that was going on and he himself ended up crying as well. So they embraced each other and walked away sadly. With this event happening to him, Jackie now had a flame in his heart. A flame that would push him to be the best of the best. And with that he got to work, every day it was nothing but running, catching, and tackling. He had his heart set on making the EFL, and he was going to make sure that he achieved his goal. So on JV, in the first couple games of the season he was boasting and feasting off the bench, this resulted in him being moved to the starting CB position. He ended up finishing strong in the season with 64 tackles, 17 interceptions, 2 touchdowns, and a total of 650 yards. In the drama with his family, he ended up going to live with his grandma along with his brother, Yiten Band, their dad, was super pissed as he could not understand why his two sons had gone off and decided to live with their grandparents. This caused a huge fight between the two parents and thus the two of them decided to get a divorce. This pushed Jackie even further down the dumps, but he sure as hell was not going to let him affect him. As in the playoffs he had a career moment and dominated the High School game by grabbing 3 interceptions and bringing a load of tackles to the team. However, sadly it was not enough as the JV team lost in the semi-finals. During that offseason Jackie would find a new friend in @okochastar and @jhatty8 as since he decided he was going to live with his grandma, he would end up transferring to Pacific High School. In the offseason, the four of the squad, Jackie, Lionel, Jhatty, and Oko would practice day and night inside out working on their craft. They were all determined to make the varsity HS team, and the would not let anything stand in their way. Sophomore Year: After a hard offseason of work, Jackie was ready to get back at it. His grades were straight A's last year and he knew if he wanted to get into a prestigious college he would have to keep up the student-athlete look. But, considering all of this family drama that was going down in his life right now, he simply could not focus on school. So he took the dark road down, he started to take Adderall. Bands knew that if he were to be caught, he would be in major problems, so much that it might be thought his parents would disown him. Still, however, he could not take the stress anymore and he believed that he had to take the drugs. In the family drama, Jackie's mom was still trying to contact him but he wanted no part of her and was even considering getting a restraining order, though Lionel strictly advised against it and convinced Jackie to drop the order as it would not be right to do that to your parent. No matter what they have done. With the drugs that Jackie had been taken his grades were now back to normal and it seemed like no one was on to him. As for football, Jackie would make the varsity team as a CB starter along with his best friend Oko. This year in HS, he was known as the superstar on the team who was just packing offer after offer after offer as just in the middle of the season he already had 23 interceptions, 48 tackles, and 450 yards. Though in school, stress had died down for him as his parents had finally stopped contacting him and he was free to live. But for some reason, he kept taking the drugs, he thought that it was no big deal, however, this would prove to be a big mistake not one week later. A student had seen Jackie take the pill right before a test and had snitched on him. The principal called him down to the office and told him he knew that he was taking drugs. And now all Jackie could think about was, "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me". He knew at this point he was screwed, so he spilled the beans. Everything with his parents, school, friends, everything. And the principal felt bad for him, so he gave him an alternative if Jackie were to continue to get straight A's for the year and be active in school clubs he would not be suspended from the team. So he agreed and he grounded the year out with being a great example student and a stellar HS season. Jackie would end up breaking the school record for most interceptions in a season with 47 and lead their defense to be the top defense in the whole state. And now they were going to the district playoffs first as well. But tragically, Jhatty would go down and that heavily hampered their offense as they got knocked out in the Conference finals. They all knew it was a good run and that very soon, they would be holding up their trophy. Coming into the upcoming offseason they would get a nice transfer QB to replace the one going to college. Finally, Jackie would end up getting a girlfriend, his high school sweetheart, her name was Jenny Horow and she was the prettiest girl he had ever met. They would go on a few dates and end up dating, it turns out they had a lot of the same interests and she was able to keep Jackie in check. This helped get rid of some stress on his shoulders which allowed him to get that work in the offseason, he was officially ready for his Junior Year. Junior Year: Soon into his 3rd year in HS, Band had shown he was a reformed person and had found a nice life. This would be the year he would start receiving offers from high tier college teams like the Texas Longhorns and the Alabama Crimson Tide. However, Band would have to prove himself that he could be steady in school and on the field. Thankfully his family stuff had almost been resolved and his girlfriend and he were progressing to the next stage of their relationship. But tragedy would strike again as Jackie's grandma would die and thus impact him heavily. Though, not in a bad way, not in a way where he would go down that same dark road as before where he had no one to turn to. This time, his girlfriend would be there to console him and to turn him to the light. But another one would come back in his ass because he would find out that his parents were the ones who fixed the death to pull their son closer back to him. This would just pull him further away and put so much anger in him. He would funnel his anger to the football field and have a career year though. He would get multiple more offers from a team like the Michigan Wolverines and the Miami Hurricanes as well. He pulled off an amazing 62 picks, 89 tackles, and the Pacific team would end up being first in the league. They would win the district championship easily as there was almost no competition. But when they got to regionals, it was a whole surprise for them as they were just not ready for this stage. And so as they walked off in defeat, they vowed, that next year they would be back better than ever and that nothing would stop them from going to state this time. Into the offseason, Jackie finally solidified himself as the number one CB in the state but Oko and Jhatty were actually off to college. So he was on his own now, but he knew he had the potential to lead this team to the state chip. He knew that he could do it, he knew that hard work will always pay off. Senior Year: As his last year in HS, Jackie made a vow to himself that he would make it to State this year. Sadly still, even after four years of his parents trying to reconnect with him, Jackie still wanted no part of them. Especially after what they did, even at the funeral, he couldn't stand to look at their ugly wretched faces. He and his girlfriend were still very much in love and were looking to go to the same college. The one college that stood out to them was Texas, it was a high expectations program where they expect the best out of their athletes and students, on the field and in the classroom. So they concluded that they both would go to the University of Texas. This was a big step for Jackie, he had gotten a full-ride scholarship so he did not have to pay any money, same with Jenny as she was the smartest person in the class. Following this up, Jackie would have a hell of a season with literal game-breaking stats. Still, he knew he had to put all of his focus into football and nothing else, he was fine in school still getting them A honor rolls so he was sure he had nothing to worry about. Until he did have something to worry about. It turned out Jenny had cancer, this put a strain on Jackie like never before. But Jenny understood, still though he would be there for her every step of the way just like she was for him. Because of this, it gave him confidence like never before, Jenny would eventually get better as well since she got the best treatment money had to offer. And when the time came for the Regional playoffs, motivation spiked through Jackie's veins as he knew had to get it done. So he did, he went all the way to state and made sure that everyone knew him as the greatest player to ever play for Pacific High School. And with that he ended his HS career with his number retired and his name in the stands, he was simply, The Greatest of All Time. Word count: 2,021 words
  4. lit, I can't wait for when I get to here
  5. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/39460-official-mock-draft-edition-2/
  6. Name: Jackie Bands Team: Texas Longhorns Workout Name: Gain weight(twice) +2 TPE Cost of workout: 4 million + 1 million Cash you have: 5 million Cash Left: 0 Name: Lionel Bands Team: Texas Longhorns Workout name: Gain weight + 2 tpe Cost of workout: 2 mil +1 mil Cash you have: 3 mil Cash Left: 0
  7. Welcome to the EFL goat like meat! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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