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  1. Do not adjust your viewscreen, this is not a test, this is the real deal. Greetings, and welcome to the personal branding emporium for Reegsman enterprises. When you think Kevin Reegsman, what do you think? Is he the scrappy tenacious kicker with the hard luck story from the backwoods of Minnesota? Maybe you've heard about the young defenseman playing down in the desert for the Aces and growing with every practice. Maybe, just maybe, you go all the way back to the Kiwi born phenom, whose Buckeyes are about to enter their second consecutive post season tournament. Regardless of how you know the name, do not be fooled by imitators! Kevin Reegsman, currently residing on campus in South Bend, Indiana is already making plans for his impact next season with the Irish. When we reached out to him recently to discuss the disappointing winless season he just participate in, he had this to say. "I wasnt with the team the whole year. I came to school late in the semester. I'm not saying it would have been different with me here all year, but it couldnt have hurt to have a more consistent special teams game, right? Next season, i hope im scoring just as many points a game as i was this year, but all in single points. That's the goal, kicking for one every time up." The outlook in the Notre Dame locker room has been generally positive. Many of the players have demonstrated their confidence in the program to eventually turn the corner as they grow together as a team. Reegsman's thoughts echoed these sentiments. "Just because a team sticks together, that's no guarantee of success, but we seem to have a very confident group of players here who all know their roles and do their part to be ready each game. I'm not sure that every team can boast as confident and connected a bunch as we are. I think that this is a team that i can help make some clutch kicks to push us over the top at least a couple times given the chance, and i think we will have a lot more chances in a lot more close games next season."
  2. for a teammate this week.
  3. Lets hope its all 1s for me today. maybe 6 or 7 of them? GET THIS DUB!
  4. Growing up in rural Minnesota, Kevin's first love was obviously hockey, where he excelled from a young age. Playing Squirts and Bantams, on a traveling team comprised of rural players from all over the northern reaches of Minnesota, he showcased his skills on many of the same rinks that many VHL players grew up on. Like many of his peers, he used off season sports just to keep ready for hockey, but as his skills as a speedy wing player grew, so did his role in the high school football team. Playing as the HB/SS combo in his regions 9 man ironman league, he led the league in passed defended and in rushing yards as a sophomore. With this success on the gridiron, his father finally allowed Kevin to play football exclusively in the fall, which paved the way for more success. While his brothers continued to pursue hockey dreams, the Reegsman family decided the best way to showcase Kevin's unique talents was to have him live with his grandparents in the twin cities. He would attend class A powerhouse Minnetonka for his junior and senior seasons. Kevin by this time had also started working with his uncle, also Kevin, to focus more on his gridiron form, and his work on track and field team as a long jumper. His namesake uncle having briefly played for the Winnipeg franchise years before, and was helping Kevin gain strength and mass. Kevin blew up on the metro circuit as a junior Halfback, averaging over 7 yards per carry. His work on special teams included a 37 yard game winner against Eden Prairie that year that his legs helped set up in the final drive. During the week of the final game of his junior season, Kevin was back home visiting his family in Lake Oswego. His father, who had a history of DUI insisted that he and Kevin go play some hockey one on one to prove to his dad, he hadn't lost it. After a heated exchange, the elder Reegsman left with Kevin in the passenger seat of his truck. Gene Reegsman was found dead at the scene of the rollover. Kevin sustained multiple fractures to his arm, wrist, and shoulder. Gene's BAC was found to be .29 almost four times the legal limit. Kevin was devastated. When he returned to his grandparents later that winter, his uncle again helped coordinate his recovery and training. Kevin's wrist and hand injuries prevented him from holding onto the football. He would never play RB again. Instead, Kevin focused on his defense, and on his Special Teams play. He was a play making safety his senior year, going back to his 9 man roots. Though he still maintained the speed, his hand was injured once again during his senior campaign, leading to a reconstructive surgery that left him unable to grip firmly with his dominant hand. Kevin's classroom interests include physiology and biology. His intention at the college level is to pursue a degree in Kinesthetics, in order to help those who have been injured like him. Kevin walked on to the campus of Notre Dame, and is hopeful to find a role with the team this year.
  5. I might be in this game, Im excited!
  6. number two, made for a teammate week ending 9/22
  7. New player, came from SBA. +5 TPE please.
  8. Be kind. This is how it's done?
  9. Kevin Reegsman - Austin Rehkow
  10. Welcome to the EFL dexman76! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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