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  1. Week 12 Oregon v USC Michigan v Miami LSU v Alabama Notre Dame v Texas Week 13 Texas v Alabama USC v Miami Notre Dame v LSU Michigan v Oregon Week 14 Oregon v Alabama Miami v Notre Dame Michigan v LSU USC v Texas
  2. Overall looking for the Oregon victory! Walt will hopefully be involved again and maybe get more catches. As for Quinn, I look for him to get a sack this time through, or at least another TFL like last week.
  3. Exciting sim with an overtime game!
  4. Awesome win for the Ducks, it was fun seeing it happen.
  5. Name: Walt Garrison Team: Oregon Ducks Workout Name: 7 TPE (6+1) Cost of Workout: 3 mil (2.5 mil, 500,000) Cash you Have: 3 mil Cash Left: 0 Name: Xavier Quinn Team: Oregon Ducks Workout Name: 7 TPE (6+1) Cost of Workout: 3 mil (2.5 mil, 500,000) Cash you Have: 3 mil Cash Left: 0
  6. Name: Xavier Quinn Hometown: Woodbury, MN Position: OLB Jersey #: 54 Height: 75 inches Weight: 240 lbs The beginning of Xavier's High School career was not anything to write home about. Especially considering he was across town from his friend off the field, Walt Garrison. They did have a similar start to their career; Xavier started on the freshman team while he was a freshman. There were a lot of kids playing football at his school and they had enough for Varsity, Junior Varsity. and a freshman team. He played all around the defensive line and around the different linebacker spots. He played wherever the coaches wanted and mostly just got by during his freshman year. The shining career of Walt started during his sophomore year. For Xavier, he was stuck on the Junior Varsity team, and not even a starter at that. By the middle of the year a couple of dings and injuries made the opening for him to start finally. The rest of that year had some highs and some lows. One game he ended up getting two sacks and another tackle for a loss on a run play. This seemed to open the coaches eyes and he was put as an outside linebacker for the rest of the year. Again, there were lows during the rest of that year, but he continued sacking the quarterback almost at a one per game clip. Junior year he was between a backup on Varsity and Junior Varsity starter. He seemed to shine on Junior Varsity while he was there, but when he got the snaps on Varsity he didn't seem to get anything done. Eventually he was relegated to JV for the year and was told to wait for the next year when he could start on Varsity. Senior year he finally started on Varsity and despite not doing much his previous years on the field, all the work he had been putting in off the field paid off.. that and he grew a couple of inches that summer so his frame grew out. His senior year started out slow. His breakout game was against Walt's Burnsville team. He ended up with three and a half sacks and a forced fumble that he also recovered. The scouts that were there for Walt took interest in Xavier at that time, and watched him show skill at getting to the quarterback and generally into backfields.
  7. Open to playing for any team! Excited to start up the football sim life!
  8. Name: Walt Garrison Hometown: Burnsville, MN Position: WR Jersey #: 84 Height: 72 inches Weight: 190 lbs Walt Garrison just finished up his high school football career, and what a career it was. When he came up in the Burnsville area the high school he would end up going to was consistently one of the worst in the conference. They only won more than four games two times as Walt was growing up. Because of this he never heard much about football, or had much of an interest in it. A sport that Burnsville was good at was where Walt drifted, this was baseball. He wasn't ever the best at hitting, but almost always when he got on first he could take second by stealing; and in his center field position not a lot got passed him. In middle school the trend continued, but coaches saw how fast he was and pushed him onto a track field. There, Walt had a bit of a learning curve, but when he got his bearings he started to dominate the track field. In the 100M, 200M and the 4x100M sprints he was either the top, or near the top his whole middle school career, and he worked hard to make sure he stayed that way over summers and off seasons. For his age he was projected to be challenging state records for his individual events, and the relay team only ever lost with a botched baton pass with Walt anchoring the team. Finally, in the summer between 8th and 9th grade he was approached by the Burnsville high school coaches about playing football. With all the raw speed and the work ethic they thought they could make Walt into a game-changing player for the team. Walt was curious so he joined the summer workout program that the football team put on. In this program he found he was one of the faster players in the program, and the fastest incoming freshman by far.... he just had to learn football, and learn how to catch footballs, because his coaches decided that is where he could make the most impact. The work ethic came through again and he got faster, and better at catching footballs through that summer and the rest of his high school career. As a freshman he still wasn't quite ready for varsity, and they were terrible still anyways. On JV Walt was getting his feet wet in his first football experience and caught 31 passes for 427 yards and 4 touchdowns. As JV didn't have as many players that were going to potentially be great players for varsity the JV coaches put Walt all around the defensive backfield and let his natural speed and ball skills take over, that year Walt had 2 INT's. As a sophomore Walt was called to play for varsity finally and played the whole year there. The quarterback was the guy from the previous year and not a very good one, but was a senior so he started. In the games that quarterback started Walt only got 12 receptions for 106 yards and no touchdowns. Unfortunately for the quarterback he got injured in the middle of the season with a broken leg and the JV quarterback had to play the rest of the year out. This was fortunate for Walt, who had worked with this QB last year. Walt ended the year with 41 receptions for 610 yards and 6 touchdowns. On defense the varsity coaches tried their hand at what the JV coaches had and stuck him anywhere they needed him in the defensive backfield and he ended up with 2 more INT's that year on varsity. As a junior Walt tried successfully to take a leadership role, and he ended up thriving. The team was looking up that year and Walt got a lot of looks at receiver. He caught 68 passes for 945 yards and 10 touchdowns. On defense the coaches finally coached him up a little on what he was doing over the summer and he came in this season as a starter, not just a plug in if needed. He had 5 INT's this year and a slew of passes defended. On special teams he even got a punt return touchdown and kick return touchdown through the year. He led the team to the playoffs and got them through one game with his team coming out on top, but made it no further. When senior season rolled around Walt was focused entirely on getting himself a championship, either in track or football or both. With the same quarterback he has come up with the whole way Walt shined his senior season catching 82 passes for 1,062 yards. This put Walt in the record books for receptions in a career in Minnesota, he also cracked the top 3 in Minnesota ever for receiving yards in a career. On defensive side he got 7 INT's, and added another punt and kick return touchdown on special teams. At the end up the year the team was playoff bound, and made it through the first few rounds but ended up falling short in the game that would have put them in the championship. After this he poured his focus into the track and eventually did get his championship as at the end of the year he was number 1 in the 100 and 200 M races, and his relay team won 1st as well. All in all Walt will go down as one of the best Blazer's to play at Burnsville, and certainly the best receiver to play there. He is a guy who can play both wide receiver and any of the defensive backfield positions. He is a speed demon with ever developing hands.
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