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  1. Fleck has been improving!
  2. Miami has been amazing. I have been loving every bit here. Feels great to feel at home but it won’t be for a long time. I’m still a freshman but I intend to declare as soon as I can to the EFL draft because I want to play with the big boys. I want to make myself one of the greatest CB’s in the league. Got my first highlights against Alabama, a pretty good interception and the fans were roaring. It’s been a true blessing to be able to play in the NCAA and I feel like we should be very fortunate to be in this position so we should thank God for the opportunity and keep working hard to inspire those who look up to us. When you start having people looking up to you, that’s when you need to step up your game and become a role model to them. It’s been a blast playing at the Hard Rock Stadium, love this. Once again, I’m so humbled to be in this situation that I will never stop working hard and inspire people! Though I can’t inspire the guys that come facing me, those I shall destroy. There’s no fun in the football field, that I can tell you.
  3. WEEK 3 Reign @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Predators Brigade @ Herd Kraken @ Neptune WEEK 4 Brigade @ Wolfpack Mambas @ Kraken Predators @ Herd Reign @ Neptune WEEK 5 Predators @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Reign Herd @ Kraken Neptune @ Brigade
  4. Zeke takes over and buys the league from the current owners.
  5. Week 3 LSU v USC Oregon v Notre Dame Miami v Alabama Michigan v Texas Week 4 Oregon v Miami Alabama v Notre Dame USC v Michigan LSU v Texas Week 5 Alabama v USC Notre Dame v Michigan Miami v LSU Texas v Oregon
  6. Miami was always a good idea. Me being a Los Angeles born, loved the sun and the heat so when teams approached me I took that in mind. Of course not… As tempting as it is to play somewhere where the weather is good, I didn’t think of that as a priority for his college choice. I had my mind set on being a student early to become the teacher later. I ended up opting for Miami. Knowing the Athletic director since a very early age, it wasn’t a big hard choice to pick Miami even though they are not in a very strong level right now but that can change in the future. The team has a good number of freshman which does mean that in the future, when we grow together and merge our games together we can have a pretty solid chance for another natty run. The last year’s one was pretty intense and inspiring. It didn’t end well. My first practice was way more intense than I thought it was gonna be. “You’re a cornerback, you gotta punk the Receiver. Man Coverage his ass but get in his head!” “Stop playing like a lady”. I mean, these are a couple of few comments I recall from the practice session from the CB coach. They went hard at me, my mindset had to be changed for something more competitive and intense. Being in the NCAA is one step closer to my lifelong dream of making the EFL. I got to work hard enough and my coaches made sure of that. There’s no playing around in this. I love our facilities and I’m for sure going to grow into a guy to get feared in the next few years. I always have been a workhorse and I feel like with this staff, nutrition team and conditions I’m going to be a very good gun on the defense. I’m going to punk this receivers up, wait for it. Into the season already and we haven’t won yet but I feel like the cohesion is getting better. We had two tough games so that’s also sign that things are going to get better, I’m proud of being here and I’m not scared of what’s coming ahead. Love this group of guys and believe me: We are going to get things done soon. Long live Miami.
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