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  1. Longhorn redshirt Zouzouambe, preparing to sign with Texas https://imgur.com/YIgNmzK
  2. Name: Alex Zouzouambe Team: Texas Longhorns Workout Name: Add tpe Cost of Workout: $1,000,000 Cash you Have: $1,000,000 Cash Left 0
  3. "Rome wasn't built in a day" - Alex's motto, his motivation and his goal. Every day after a hard workout or a practice this is what he reminds himself. To reach your end goal you must suffer. Pain is good, pain is progress, pain is success. As the famous saying goes, "no pain, no gain". Alex made huge strides in his high school career, mostly due to his hard work on the field and in the gym. In fact, he didn't even make his school's varsity team until his junior year. Alex started playing football as a wide receiver. He had great hands and was quick on his feet. Unfortunately for him, his school was filled with talented football players, especially at the wide receiver position. So, he was moved to linebacker for his freshman year. This year was particularly uneventful. He was learning a new position and had only recently started taking football seriously. His interest in football had only recently compelled him to tryout for his highschool team. When he was younger he played mostly soccer and basketball. His parents were hesitant to allow there son to play a sport with so much contract. Sophomore he took a jump, still on junior varsity, his coaches started to notice Alex's talent as he adjusted to playing on the defensive side of the ball. This season he played a plethora of defensive positions from his old position of linebacker to safety to cornerback. Junior year is where he truly started to blossom. After playing nearly every defensive position Alex, came to realize that he truly enjoyed and excelled at safety. He liked being able to watch plays as they unfolded and to read the offense from his position. He led his team in interceptions and passes defended. His school made it to the state championship but fell to their northside rivals. But, senior year is where Zouzouambe's wings spread. He was the defensive captain for his team and held down the secondary. He led a notoriously bad defensive school to their best year in recent history. He led the team in interceptions, tackles, passes defended, forced fumbles and essentially every defensive stat. He up ended leading his team to a state title. Coming out of highschool Alex was a four star recruit, touted as one of the best safeties in his class. He has since committed to the Texas Longhorns and is excitedly awaiting the upcoming season.
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