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  1. EFL Week 9 - How many passing yard will the leading passer for week 9 have: 377 NCAA Week 10 - How many return yards will the leading returner for week 10 get: 103 EFL Week 10 - Mambas vs Herd total passing attempts: 60 NCAA Week 11 - Miami vs USC total rushing yards: 291 Week 11 - Total points between NCAA and EFL: 310
  2. Week 9 Michigan v USC LSU v Texas Notre Dame v Alabama Miami v Oregon Week 10 Texas v Miami USC v Notre Dame Alabama v Michigan LSU v Oregon Week 11 Miami v USC LSU v Notre Dame Oregon v Michigan Alabama v Texas
  3. shit, alright ill pick brucie b @Siddhus
  4. @Siddhus what u mean? ii already picked a kicker...
  5. Week 6 Texas v USC LSU v Michigan Notre Dame v Miami Oregon v Alabama Week 7 Alabama v LSU Texas v Notre Dame Miami v Michigan USC v Oregon Week 8 USC v LSU Texas v Michigan Alabama v Miami Oregon v Notre Dame
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