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  2. Alright, first 2 tackles in Thomas career!
  3. Disclaimer : This article is written by a native french speaker, it may content a few mistakes, but I will try to minimize them. Bio Born and raised in Westmount's neighborhood in Montreal, Patrick comes from a mostly french family. His father always been a huge EFL fan so Pat grew up watching his father's favorite team, the Miami Neptune, play. School in Quebec being quite different, he was in high school for 5 years before moving to the United States to continue his career in the NCAA. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves here, and let's start by breaking down his high school football career in each of the 5 years he's been in it. Secondary 1st (Yes that's how it's called) Patrick is now 12 years old, little boy coming in the big school, played soccer when he was in primary school (5-11 years old) always had a good kick, but didn't put much effort into it. His first secondary year has been really rough. Had a lot of trouble passing his classes. On his 1st day, sports team were in the halls offering places to new students and one of them really interested him. He wanted to be part of the totally new Football team. Indeed, the school joined the Montreal's high school football league for the 1st time. It was his chance to make his father proud! So he signed, but really didn't understood which position he should play (watching it on TV and actually playing it is quite different, eh?). So he didn't write any preference as position. Here comes the 1st practice, everybody is on the field, he's quite small compared to the others, some of them are in secondary 3-4-5, it's quite scary now. In fact, there's only 2 others secondary 1st that had the guts to sign up with him. So to get going, coaches try undecided player at different positions : TE, WR, LB, QB, HB he tried them all, getting destroyed in offense, getting all of his tackle break in defense, he had a hard time. He felt really depressed until he tried special units. Tried kicking the ball for a few field goal without any defenders to get the groove of it, 1st: 10 yards out, 2nd: 25 yards out, 3rd: 30 yards out, he finally found his place, he was the kicker. But not everything was beautiful, he's only 12 years old, had problems with pressure, had problems with wind and power. But he kept his foot down, worked his ass off and helped his team finishing second to last in the standings! Secondary 2nd Alright, second year, he worked hard in the winter to get some power behind his kicks. Dad bought him a good ball, some nice shoes, he was fully aware that his kid could do it. Having his dad supporting him 100%, he was more confident, he helped newcomers to find their positions because he knew the hell it was to do it. Games passed one by one, he was getting more and more confident as time flew by, until that last game, that last one shattered his confidence. Description of the play : Last play of the game, if the kick is good, we win, if we don't we lose. Pat is getting ready, he trained all winter for this, he got this. Huge wind, but he managed to sauce it all game long, he's ready. Snap is made, he's looking at the ball and has he's about to kick the ball, his eyes closed for a moment, next thing you know, he's flat on the ground, big headache and there's this huge secondary 5th screaming and celebrating on top of him. Needless to say, confidence shattered and fear. Secondary 3rd His 3rd year of football can be summed like this : Confidence rebuilding. He really struggled with the simple kicks at the beginning, but weirdly, as soon as he played without defensive players to pressure him, he was succeeding as he was in 2nd year. Plus, on the academical side of things, he had even more problems since his concussion : trouble staying concentrated in class, need a lot of sleep, big headaches. His pop's, still believing in his young star payed him some therapy that really helped him to get passing grades. And on the football side, he got confidence back days after days, slowly getting his kicks back where they were last season. Secondary 4th Needless to say that his lack of progress in his last year really disadvantaged him for his 4th season, but instead of going out partying with the other kids, he worked really (and I mean really) hard to get his game where it needed to be if he wanted to get an NCAA offer. Father still pushing him to be better and better, he made his 1st 40 yards field goal, felt amazing. Those achievements boosted his confidence, in return, that confidence made him such a better player. The team was no longer and expansion team, they were a solid mid/top table team that could compete for a title shot. Unfortunately for them, their star QB got injured while playing soccer with some friends and that's where their title pretensions ended. But for Patrick, 4th season was the season that really elevated him as a top kicker not only in Montreal, but in Canada. Final secondary Last year, the do or die year. Pat had never been so ready, practiced every night, get up early to not only be one of the top kicker in Canada, but being the top kicker in Canada. Finally had good grades consistently, 1st game of the season, they crushed the other team, 2nd game as well, 3rd was against one of the top team : Win in OT, 4th game once again crushed the opponents as season went by, kicks where getting amazing, Pat was so confident. We take the action in 4th quarter in final, same situation than his 2nd year, same opponents, a do or die kick. Still this huge guy doing him a scary face (OMG he's so bad at school that he's still here?). Snap is made, QB put it on the ground, Pat's eyes closed for a moment, next thing you know, the ball is flying up into the air, slowly making his way towards the goals posts. At the end of his sight, he sees that big man rushing towards him for a second time, but this time, Pat knew, did a little spin move he learned by the HB, making the poor big man face plant right next to him. Ball is going right between the post, everybody's screaming of joy, rushing the field. WHAT A NIGHT. You know, for most of us, it's just High School football, but for Pat, it was a dream becoming true, 5 years of hard work finally paying off. But little did he knew what the future was reserving him. A few week after, he gets a called from a team, an NCAA team, he was so excited to being offer a kicker role in...
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