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  1. @AndrewWarren13and @Uphillmoss And @BigZouzou pick
  2. Higher QBrating than Renomitsu. Good fight ND every game we doing better
  3. @Sharkstrong GO REGINALD
  4. We got another loss. I gotta step up my game. Only 7 tackles I am being too inconsistent
  5. @AndrewWarren13 and @Uphillmossplease pock
  6. F*** I thought we would win. But there’s still time for a comeback. Go Fighting Irish
  7. Why was I mentioned 3 times here
  8. @BigZouzou you need a K @Uphillmoss WR and K @AndrewWarren13Wr/TE
  9. For last pick @FANH00D you need a kicker
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