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  1. A full rebuild for Notre Dame means we need to start seeing results soon. A massive win for LSU. Team is better than what the record states, too.
  2. Notre Dame might not win a game this season, but with this talented crop of freshman 5-stars, the future is bright. Trust the process.
  3. LSU is back! Keep the momentum rolling.
  4. Week 6 Texas v USC LSU v Michigan Notre Dame v Miami Oregon v Alabama Week 7 Alabama v LSU Texas v Notre Dame Miami v Michigan USC v Oregon Week 8 USC v LSU Texas v Michigan Alabama v Miami Oregon v Notre Dame
  5. DEF - LSU WR/TE: Siddhu Sarvepally
  6. Not great! Justin Luck is chasing people more than cops in South Bend.
  7. After a few close losses, this is a big one. Great W.
  8. Still no answers from the Irish. Something needs to change. But still, GO
  9. Tyree taking after his father down the field. #helmetcatch
  10. QB: Vince Carswell RB: D. Quick WR: Delta Night WR/TE/FB: Bellamy Blake K: DEF: My bad. You're up @Bushito
  11. QB: Vince Carswell RB: D. Quick WR: Delta Night WR/TE/FB: K: DEF: @Tanner0512
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