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  1. Week 6 Texas v USC LSU v Michigan Notre Dame v Miami Oregon v Alabama Week 7 Alabama v LSU Texas v Notre Dame Miami v Michigan USC v Oregon Week 8 USC v LSU Texas v Michigan Alabama v Miami Oregon v Notre Dame
  2. Tyson Kelly on catching his first TD and his start to life in Alabama I'm not going to pretend that the move from high school ball to college ball has been easy, particularly in my situation. For the best part of three years, I was the lead back, I was the guy who the team put the ball in the hands of, I was the guy getting a heap of touches. Now, I've had to well and truly take a backseat and at times that's been a little difficult. I've wondered whether I made the right decision in coming to Bama, whether I'd have got more immediate touches going somewhere else. But, it's at those times that I remember that this is a process. It's a marathon, not a sprint. My time will come eventually and I know that I just need to make sure I grab the ball with both hands and ran as hard as I can with it, literally and metaphorically. I know that a lot of people my age are very much into instant gratification and I'll put my hand up and say I'm guilty of that as well, but I've just got to keep reminding myself that I'm working towards something much bigger than just a few carries in my freshman year It's been great to watch Femidas Picante go about things and I've learnt a few things from him already. I’ve had a few catches here and there but none have been bigger so far in my career than the catch for my first TD to spark our comeback against the previously unbeaten USC on the road. I just saw it as my moment to finally contribute for the team and I wasn’t letting that ball slip through my hands. Just an awesome feeling and one I hope I’ll experience many more times in the future
  3. Huge win by Bama to knock off the previously-undefeated USC, outstanding effort and great to see Kelly catch his first TD pass to spark the comeback Also fantastic to see Higgins get DPOG with his first INT, easily the best game he's played so far. Shame it ended with a bit of a sour note with Oregon not being able to get the W, but we'll bounce back next time out
  4. Hunter Higgins on his first two NCAA games It’s been a significant step up from high school ball, that’s for sure, and I feel like I’m just finding my feet at this stage. I’ve been able to settle in really well with my teammates and that’s certainly helped the transition. I’ve already ticked off a couple of my goals for this season. The first was to actually start games as a freshman, which I managed to accomplish in Week 1. I was a bundle of nerves going into that first game, my first game at the college level, against the team we’d just lost the national championship, back home in Louisiana, my family and friends in the stands watching. But, once it got rolling, I was fine and whilst I think I had a decent game from a personal point of view, clearly this is a team game and so it’s the result that really matters and that didn’t go our way (and deservedly so). Dad actually called me after the game and told me that whilst he was disappointed for me, the die-hard LSU fan in him was over the moon. The second goal was to contribute to a win and that came just this past week against Texas. I didn’t play anywhere near like I had the game prior but I had a couple of moments, made a couple of plays. The ending was just insane. I was actually on the sidelines, thinking it was the state championship game from two years ago all over again and the next thing I know, I’m seeing Hiroki take it to the house off the kickoff to win it all. Absolutely crazy ending, amazing to witness up close and personal, but most importantly just glad we were able to rebound and respond from the disappointment of Week 1 and get the win in hostile territory on the road.
  5. Name: Hunter Higgins Team: Oregon Workout Name: 7 TPE Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0 Name: Tyson Kelly Team: Alabama Workout Name: 12 TPE Cost of Workout: $5,000,000 Cash you Have: $5,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  6. Hunter Higgins' in the same boat, looking to snag his first pick in college football. Would take a replica of his Week 1 performance, except this time with a Oregon victory As for Tyson Kelly, be good to just see him get on the field and get involved, but when the guy ahead of him goes for 191 and 3 TDs and the team wins by 40 in the previous game, that might be a tall order. I'll just be happy to Bama continue where they left off Week 1 (I've got to say it's a little weird having 2 different players on 2 different teams and having to root for 2 teams, but I'm sure I'll get used to it)
  7. Tyson Kelly on committing to Alabama It was a relief more than anything to receive the offer to come to Alabama and I obviously need to thank them for extending the offer to me in the first place. I didn't want all the hard work I've put in over the last four year in particular to go to waste so I naturally jumped at the chance. I liked the setup they had in place and the team excites me moving forward. I recognize my role within the team. As a freshman, it would be a bit unrealistic of me to expect to start right away and obviously we’ve got a great senior starter in Femidas Picante, so I’m hoping I’m able to complement him through the season and learn a few things off him and that we can form a deadly 1-2 combo. I don’t want to look too ahead, but I can also see an opportunity for me to be the lead back next season once Picante graduates and, hopefully for his sake, heads to the EFL and that’s another thing that really enticed me about joining Alabama I’ve also read a few of the reports about my so-called “character concerns”. Sure, I made some mistakes, but what teenager doesn’t? More importantly, I’ve always owned my mistakes and haven’t made excuses. I’ve recognized what I’d done and taken steps to avoid that kind of behavior happening again and ever since, I’ve matured and haven’t done anything wrong. So, to hear that I still have these “character concerns”, that even after all this time has passed and I’ve changed my ways that people still have this idea about who I am is disappointing, but I guess it’s something I’ve got to live with. I’m just exciting for football season to start again and for me to begin what I hope will be an illustrious career at Bama.
  8. Running has always been something that Tyson Kelly loved to do. Even as a young child, Tyson would spend his hours running around the house, neighborhood and park across the street until he eventually tired. It was a surprise to no-one with his love for running coupled with being named after famous boxer Mike Tyson that Kelly began to pursue sports. Kelly focused on football and, again to the surprise of no-one, set his sights on becoming the next great running back. He made the team in his freshman year but, unfortunately for Kelly, the team had a talented senior starting. Kelly was reduced to a spectator for much of the season, seeing only minor action on special teams. However, come the final game of the season, with his team out of playoff contention and the senior starting deciding to rest himself for the final, dead rubber game for fear of injury, Kelly’s coach decided to reward Kelly’s hard work throughout the year in bettering himself by giving the freshman a chance for the entire second half of the final game. He grabbed the ball with both hands (literally and metaphorically) and rushed for 80 yards and a touchdown to spark a comeback victory. This performance alone was enough to skyrocket Kelly to splitting carries with the team’s new number one back for his sophomore season. It quickly became clear though that the team functioned best when Kelly was on the field and so, by midseason, Kelly was installed as the team’s new number one. The team rode Kelly to a late season surge into the state playoffs, losing in the first round to the eventual state champions. Although all seemed bright for Kelly, things took a dark turn. The new-found notoriety of becoming the school’s starting RB saw Kelly fall into the wrong crowd and get needlessly mixed up in a couple of indiscretions. It would’ve been enough to see him removed from the team had the coach not considered Kelly like a son to him, given how much time they spent together, honing Kelly’s craft. Two weeks prior to the start of Kelly’s junior season, his coach sat him down for a frank and honest chat about where his career and life would be headed if this continued. It was the wakeup call Kelly needed and he took his coach’s words on board. Despite being jeered onto the field in the first game of the season (at home nonetheless), Kelly turned those jeers into cheers as he ran as hard as he ever had, amassing 231 yards and three touchdowns. From then on, Kelly was near untouchable on the field and a model citizen off it, finding a better crowd to associate with and apologizing and atoning for his previous mistakes. He finished the year smashing the school record for rushing yards, (1844) and rushing touchdowns (18), guiding his team to the state championship victory Kelly was determined to go one better and his senior year and he did just that, setting a new school record for rushing yards (with a monster 2192) to go with 16 rushing touchdowns. He also added a new string to his bow: The ability to contribute to the passing game, as he proceeded to rack up 523 receiving yards and 6 receiving TD’s. This gave him 2,715 all-purpose yards and 22 TD’s on the year. His school was dominant once again and marched their way back to the state championship, going back-to-back with Kelly winning championship game MVP following a 151-yard, 2 TD game to cap off his high school career. Kelly’s explosiveness and ability to make people miss, to go with a steady pair of hands when receiving and elite ball control (he never fumbled throughout his whole high school career) make Kelly an enticing prospect. However, “character concerns” have been raised in light of the mistakes he made off the field, despite Kelly’s willingness to own, learn and atone for them. What we do know is this: no matter who he plays for, Kelly will be willing to run to the point of collapse…and even then, he’ll find a way to run some more.
  9. Following the completion of a sparkling high school career, interest now turned to just where Hunter Higgins would continue his football career at the next level. With interest coming multiple NCAA programs, including Oregon, Notre Dame and LSU, and speculation growing, Higgins sought to clear the air and announce his intentions at the commitment announcement event held in the gym at his high school Going into the event, it had been seen by many as a foregone conclusion as to where Higgins would be committing to: LSU. After all, Higgins was a Louisiana native, having grown up a mere hour and a half away from Tiger Stadium and had regularly attended Tigers games, whilst LSU had just come off becoming the NCAA National Champions with a memorable victory over Oregon. It appeared to be the perfect match that would see LSU add to its already talented roster and allow Higgins to remain close to his family and friends So, it came as a complete shock to all those in attendance, which included Higgins’ family, friends, teammates, coaches and teachers, when Higgins announced he had to committed to Oregon, accepting a full tuition scholarship in the process “It was a tough decision for me to make and I firstly want to thank my parents especially who I sought the opinion and guidance of and have been incredibly supportive of me throughout this whole process but in the end it was my decision to make and I just couldn’t look past the opportunity presented for me at Oregon” Higgins said shortly after his announcement “Obviously Oregon has such a fantastic program and the team they’ve assembled is really exciting and to be able to join that squad and contribute is what really enticed me” Higgins went on to say It was then revealed that there was a personal aspect to the decision to join Oregon “I also looked at it from the perspective that I’ve spent my entire life in Louisiana and don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved each and every single minute of life here, but I’m always one to want to challenge myself. The challenge that joining Oregon presented me, in moving away from home, moving out of the state, not having that security blanket of family and friends to rely and fall back on, is something that I felt very strongly about wanting to push myself to do and experience” Higgins said of the matter Higgins will join an Oregon team coming off a great season, but one that ultimately ended in disappointment, having stumbled at the final hurdle of the National Championship game “Clearly, Oregon is coming off a great season but it’s been well documented how it ended and that’s something that will want to be rectified. I just really want to be able to contribute and do my role for the team and that we as a team can go one better this upcoming season, because we definitely will have the talent to do so” Higgins said The event concluded with Higgins extending thanks for those that got him to this point “From my family, friends, Coach Johnson and the entire coaching staff here, my teammates and everyone who has ever supported me thus far and will continue to support me, I know it’s cliché to say but I really couldn’t have become the player I’ve become and the man I’ve become without you all and for that, I will be forever grateful” For parents Dan and Kylie, it was a proud moment “We couldn’t be more proud of what Hunter has achieved. We’ve seen all the work he’s put in and how dedicated he is to football so for him to now be offered a spot by Oregon is a deserved reward. As much as we’re going to miss him, we understand and fully support his decision and we know he’s going to thrive over there” mom Kylie said following the event Higgins will now link up with his new Oregon teammates in Eugene for spring training ahead of the upcoming NCAA College Football season.
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