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  1. Rakim Scott Searching For A College Linebacker Rakim Scott, fresh off a dominant high school career, is looking to take the next step and play in the NCAA. In a short interview with the recruit, some insight into Scott's college journey was revealed. Q: So far, which colleges have you had talks with? "As of today, I've only really had discussions with Alabama. While I do appreciate the AD's interest in me, due to non-football related obligations I haven't been able to keep in touch. While I do plan to regain contact with them, I can't say that I'm not disappointed with the lack of offers/interest from other schools. Obviously getting a scholarship to play for Alabama would be a huge honor, but in my opinion, after how well I played in high school, I should have letters pouring in from all schools." Q: What are you looking for in a team? "The main thing for me is the coach. I know I can be a great player, but it's a huge asset to have someone helping along the way. An experienced coach who's willing to put as much work into improving my game as I am is my number one priority. I kind of believe that one thing will lead to all the other great stuff a player could want: championships, awards, and being a top selection in the draft. Everything needs a good leader at the helm, and in football, the AD/coach is that leader."
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