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  1. Rakim Scott Done, but Agency Has Big Plans Bad has turned into terrible for linebacker Rakim Scott. While his health is stable and he will be able to live a long and mobile life, doctors have ruled an end to his football career. The crash leading to the end of the promising prospect's career is heartbreaking on many levels. His agency had declined to comment, outside of stating that Scott is still positive and plans on making impacts outside of playing football. It would seem as if the ngine4 agency would be coming to a close, as Scott was their only player. They have little to no reputation around the league, and it's safe to say no stars are walking through their doors. However, it seems that the news of Scott's swift and unfortunate end to his career have not stopped the agency from staying in football. While their involvement with Scott never was able to really progress, they do plan on making a comeback soon. Other obligations have held the representation group back from fully joining the EFL, but that may be changing in the near future. Keep your eyes open, as the group did hint at the possibility of singing two young players in the near future. And though it doesn't mean much, it seems as with these players, the agency plans to become completely invested into the league. Different sports mean different things, but the group has shown promise in another league, so should the rumored return become reality, it's safe to assume those players will be very talented and dedicated.
  2. Rakim Scott Forced into Early Departure From Football Some terrible news has just been revealed. The national media for weeks has discussed the possible reasons of why Rakim Scott suddenly disappeared. The young linebacker prospect seemed primed to sign a D1 NCAA offer, but randomly all schools lost contact with Scott as he vanished from the football world. Well, the cause for this has finally been discovered. TMZ news recently uncovered a tragic video which depicts the young star being hit by a school bus. Further reports following this breakthrough shared that Scott has suffered what are likely career ending injuries in both legs. This means that Scott's recruiting decision is being pushed back yet again, if it ever even happens now. Scott's mother shared online that her son is in good spirits and refuses to retire from football, which in the case of a miracle leaves a comeback to the sport in the realm of possibility. This isn't the news anybody wanted to hear, but it's great to know that this national mystery has been solved. Many had feared far worse things over the past few weeks, such as the idea that Scott may have died. If Scott were somehow able to make a return to the football field - he'd have the entire nation on his side.
  3. Rakim Scott Searching For A College Linebacker Rakim Scott, fresh off a dominant high school career, is looking to take the next step and play in the NCAA. In a short interview with the recruit, some insight into Scott's college journey was revealed. Q: So far, which colleges have you had talks with? "As of today, I've only really had discussions with Alabama. While I do appreciate the AD's interest in me, due to non-football related obligations I haven't been able to keep in touch. While I do plan to regain contact with them, I can't say that I'm not disappointed with the lack of offers/interest from other schools. Obviously getting a scholarship to play for Alabama would be a huge honor, but in my opinion, after how well I played in high school, I should have letters pouring in from all schools." Q: What are you looking for in a team? "The main thing for me is the coach. I know I can be a great player, but it's a huge asset to have someone helping along the way. An experienced coach who's willing to put as much work into improving my game as I am is my number one priority. I kind of believe that one thing will lead to all the other great stuff a player could want: championships, awards, and being a top selection in the draft. Everything needs a good leader at the helm, and in football, the AD/coach is that leader."
  4. Welcome to the EFL ngine4! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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