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  1. Will was always told that he'd be a great addition to a football team. Unfortunately he had been home schooled for his entire life and wasn't allowed to go play football at all. In high school he was finally going to get the chance when his parents decided that it was time for him to go to school. What people had been telling him came true. He was a great addition to the team and based on his build he played cornerback. He somehow had great football awareness and knew exactly what to do. He watched a lot of football on TV before he actually got the chance to play and he thought that might have something to do with it. He instantly was the starter for the varsity team in his sophomore year. In Will's senior year he was getting a lot of offers from multiple different schools. All he had to do was have a good senior season so that he could make it. He didn't have many tackles with only 53, but he made up for this in his interception numbers and on field play. Quarterbacks quickly learned not to throw near him because almost every time he was in the area it would be picked off. He had 9 interceptions in that one season. He returned 4 of those for touchdowns. Before long people had stopped throwing in his direction. He led his defense to competing for a state title with some back up from his offense. In the state championship game he really balled out. He disrupted every pass that came his way and ended up with 3 interceptions and a forced fumble by the other team's halfback. His team won the game and now all he has to do is decide where he wants to go.
  2. Looking rough for the Irish. Patience is key in them getting better
  3. Colin arrived at high school having never played a down of football. He had always loved the sport and wanted to play but had never been able to. He had played other sports up until then but he was pretty undersized still. He decided to try out for the football team he obviously didn't know what he was doing but he showed some flashes of his speed and quickness and he made it onto the freshman team. Colin wasn't expecting to get much playing time but he practiced hard in hopes that he might and he started to build some muscle. He started to show a lot of improvement in practices with just learning how to play football. When it was time for the season to start he was named the second string running back. Colin saw limited action through his first season but through 7 games he had over 600 yards and 5 touchdowns. This was enough to earn his way onto the varsity squad where he was just a bench warmer but he did get to play in the last game of the season when the starting back went down with an injury. He played on 10 plays where he had 30 yards rushing and he had 30 yards through the air and no touchdowns. The team was struggling this year so this ended up being the last game of the season. He got a taste of what playing varsity football was like and he wanted more. Colin practiced even harder this off-season and he managed to put on 20 pounds of pure muscle. He went into his sophomore season as the second string back on the varsity team It took him a while to earn the starting job but Colin ran for 600 yards in 6 games as the second string but he had 7 touchdowns at this point. The coaches liked the potential they saw in him and started giving him more carries. He took full advantage of this and in the other 4 games he ran for another 1000 yards and another touchdowns 8 for a total of 1600 yards and 15 touchdowns. The starting job was Colin's to lose for his junior season. Unfortunately about halfway through the season he had his ankle landed on while he was running and it just snapped. There goes his season. Colin was ready to give up but the coaches were there for him through it and they really wanted him back because of what he was doing to defenses. It was a long and hard recovery process but he is ready to come back to prove a point for his senior year Colin had been getting approached by many recruiters at games and this had slowed after his gruesome ankle injury. But he is ready to go back out there and attract attention again. He wants to be able to go anywhere and take that starting job from whoever's there.
  4. Welcome to the EFL thekillamon! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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