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  1. Wow will Notre Dame ever become good again or relevant?
  2. Week 1 texas usc alabama oregon week 2 usc lsu michigan texas
  3. Name: Drue Tranquill jr team: Texas workout name : Purchase TPE 6 +1 cost of workout : $3,000,000 cash you have : $3,000,000 cash left: $0
  4. Name: Drue Tranquill JR Team:Texas Work out name : Purchase 2 TPE Cost of workout : $1 million Cash you have: $1 million Cash left: $0
  5. Son of current NFL linebacker and Notre Dame great Drue Tranquill. Drue jr is a 4 time all state and Mr Indiana linebacker and also the Dick Butkus HS line backer of the year winner with his 145 tackle , 65 TFL and 27 sacks to go along with 10 interceptions and 3 tds. Drue Jr has all the smarts and was a 4.0 student in HS and part of the national honor society . Drues playing ability and football IQ is second to non and is compared to FUTURE hall of fame LB Luke Keuchly. Drue has a huge interest in attending his dads former college Notre Dame to solve the losing crisis of join the Univerisity of Michigan to get them to the nations highest stage and win a national title ! Drue definitely took opposite paths of his father as he has taking the route of going to the University of Texas. Drue was heavily recruited to replace Future College Football Hall of Famer LB from Texas . Tranquill will redshirt this year becoming a freshman redshirt and next year take a 5 million Scholarship for the next 4 years after . Drue has major shoes to fill leading the number 1 defense in the country but with the right training and coaching staff he could Become a college football legend and eventual star for the long horns! Tranquill has been welcomed in at the university with open arms and loves the atmosphere and cameradie of the Longhorns Team and feels as if they have great potential to win a majority of there games for the next couple of years!
  6. Welcome to the EFL Bhughes39! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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