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  1. Reporters interview with D’Angelo on what he is working to improve, Michigan and expectations D’Angelo “The staff here at Michigan are super professional and talented, I’m working with them in a new strength and conditioning program, I am going to enter my freshman season as the most athletic version of myself. Reporter: Could you elaborate on what kind of work this involves? D’Angelo: “Right now, I’m doing more long runs 40 to 60 minutes then before and with weight work before and after team practice, I’m getting in a lot of work. Its definitely strenuous but will be worth it when I show out to EFL scouts. The main coach tells me my anaerobic fitness is improving but I don’t really think it matters until I see results in a game Reporter: Speaking of that what are your expectations for your first game at Michigan? D’Angelo: “Excellence, I need excellence from myself every time I take the field. Anything less and I’m disappointed in myself. I’m definitely looking for the first game touchdown but more importantly that will be the first TD of a ling career of making a lot of yards for Michigan and whatever teams I play for professionally.
  2. Breaking news: 5-star football recruit @King_Foz has recently in Oakland revealed his intention to play football at Michigan University previously reported to be in his top three selections Michigan will be delighted to have California’s premier football talent. Authorial note: My characters on SBA and VHl have always be team first kind of meek players so I will be writing D’ Angelo Foz as a higher ego character. Word count = 222
  3. +6 Edit just to clarify, I have a different account name but it is me I just wanted to change it up on this cite
  4. Hey all! Figured I’d introduce myself a little, so I’m Australian and not really very knowledgeable about football, but I am a big fan of Sim leagues. I have a character on both the VHL and SBA so I’m pretty familiar with the system. Overall I’m very excited to play. If I had a favourite team it would probably be the Packers. fun fact: I also think vegemite is gross.
  5. Welcome to the EFL King_Foz! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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