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  1. Two new athletes coming from the very large Jimbo family, a family know for their mediocre play in a variety of different leagues, have just announced that they will both be joining the NCAA this year. Although, we still have no idea where they will be playing. Tido Jimbo, a safety has said multiple times that he will only be playing on a team that will let him play out of position, at the SLB spot on defense. Although some people may say this is strange, Tido is confident that his blazing speed at LB will give him a step up on the much slower LBs in the league, and that this will make up for the size difference. The S position is not new to the Jimbo family, as former NSFL mediocre running back Dorfus Jimbo, Tido's brother has recently made the switch to S, and it has been reported that on the Baltimore Hawks he will be playing at the SLB position, similar to what Tido is demanding. It is very likely that Tido saw his brother do this and wanted to follow in his footsteps, although we are not sure if he has picked the right footsteps to follow. A couple of Athletic Directors have approached Tido and have tried persuading him in to playing at the S position or just DB, but Tido is not having that at all. He said that he will not join a NCAA team if they do not guarantee me that I will be playing at SLB 100% of the time. Other than his positional preferences, Tido does not have any preference as to where he will play, as long as they will let him play where he wants for the season. The other of newest Jimbo brothers, Hiya will also be joining an NCAA team soon, but he does not demand to play out of the position that he is like his brother. Hiya is a WR, and he is perfectly fine with playing WR all of his career, as that is what he is best at. Hiya has focused on speed his entire lif, and that is what he will focus on in the future, as it has worked really well for him so far. Even though his hands are not the best in the world or NCAA, who needs to have the best hands around when you always have ten yards of seperation from the defensive back that is guarding you? At least, that is Hiya's motto, who knows if it is a good one and if it will translate to the the NCAA and EFl, but here is hoping that it will all work out for Hiya and Tido in NCAA and EFL. Tido and Hiya have shown interest in playing on the same team together, but they have also said that they would be fine with playing apart. On one hand, them playing together would make a team very strong and that woulkd increase their chances of bringing another ring to the Jimbo family.
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