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  1. Three years ago Robert Wise and David West were bright eyed sophomores making their first start for the Bulldogs. David West would instantly make an impact shutting down the divisions top receivers and leading the team in both interceptions and passes defensed. Robert Wise sophomore year was more or a roller coaster. Throwing 5 tds against in the rival game against the Dayton Colts, followed up by a 1 td 3 int game against the last place Port Neches Indians. Even with Wise's struggles, Wise and West lead the Bulldogs to become district champions for the first time in 7 years. Starting their junior year Wise and West really started to turn heads. Wise was playing smarter with the football, cutting his interceptions in half from his sophomore year. West built on top of his sophomore success. Not only would West lead the team in interceptions, but as a junior West lead the entire district. Once again Wise and West would help the Bulldogs win the district for the 2nd time in a row. The Bulldogs went into the playoffs with high expectations, but falling in the regionals for the 2nd year in a row. Coming into their senior year Wise and West had high expectations. Not only did the district have the two players circled, but so did colleges, with Wise and West receiving offers from some of the biggest colleges in the country. When district games started, the Bulldogs were easily the favorite to roll over the division. Then game 1 started, and everything fell apart. Wise was intercepted the Bulldogs first two drives and the Pirates offense was avoiding West completely not throwing a single pass in his direction. Thankfully Wise's and West senior leadership started showing off as they lead the Bulldogs to a big 2nd half to pull away beat the Pirates. As the season went on West found creative ways to still haunt qbs even when they were not throwing his way, hustling to tipped passes, and even getting a few sacks on blitzes. Wise would have a record setting year as he set school records in single season passing tds, passing yards, and completion %. The Bulldogs had their first undefeated season in the district for the first time in almost 3 decades. Expectations were through the roof as Wise and West lead the Bulldogs to the playoffs. Bulldogs easily won area for the third time in a row. The would face the Woodlands Highlanders in the regionals, after a tough first half the Highlanders and Bulldogs find themselves tied 14-14. Wise stepped up in the second half completing 12-13 passes on the next three drives topping off the third drive with a 42 yard td pass. The Bulldogs finally were finally moving on to the quarterfinals. The Bullfrogs would fall in the quarterfinals, but Wise and West will go down as maybe the two best players in Beaumont Bulldogs History. West accepted an offer from Michigan and Wise will be going to Miami.
  2. Welcome to the EFL TheTad! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



    1. TheTad


      Thanks, I'm currently reading about the league and getting familiar with the league. Excited to start creating a player in the near future. 

    2. TheTad


      after creating a new player, is there anything I need to do to get noticed by college recruiters?

    3. Turner


      @TheTad if you have discord, I highly recommend joining there as many of us have it and it is a direct line of communication to the leagues Admins, ADs, GMs, users, etc. while it is not required, it is certainly helpful. 


      If you have created a player, I would recommend doing your High school reviews for them, which is worth an 8 points. You also joined at a great time because it is our playoff week and with that, media week, which if you do a point task (article or graphic), it will be doubled for 12 points! 


      You also should have received a PM which should run you through your next steps and how to earn/where to go to see what to earn. If you have any questions, let us know! 

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