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  1. Malikk went to Lafayette High School. His freshman year he was the backup QB for the team. He wasn't experienced enough and couldn't win over the starting job. He was one of the worst ranked QB'S in the league. His time wasn't coming anytime soon up until the injury. In the game before the playoffs the starting QB got hurt. He was hit illegally and went down hard. Malikk actually wasn't even geared up because he didn't expect any playing time at all. He had to rush into the locker room and play the rest of the game. He ended off with 100 yards and a TD. They where heading into the playoffs, with an experienced QB leading them. They made it past the first round but quite push past the second round. The starting QB was a senior so he would be leaving. The coach saw faith in Malikk and so he trained him almost everyday individually. Malikk himself trained with him during his summer time, by the time the season came around Malikk was noticed as a Dual Threat player. He could run and throw. After 3 more seasons with the team they won 2 state championships and he won league MVP those 2 years. He finished with 10,000 Career Passing Yards, 102 Career Passing Touchdowns, 3,00 Rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns.
  2. We dont back down. Miami putting in the work
  3. Player Name: Donte Rose Player Position: CB Filler: N Player Name: Damien Rose Player Position: QB Filler: N
  4. The switch from Highschool to college was sort of hard for Donte at first. It was an entirely new atmosphere for him and he couldn't even believe that his talent brought him to where he was. He definitly wasn't the best CB coming into NCAA but the Miami hurricanes AD saw potential in him. He had not a single doubt that he would go to Miami, especially since they where one of the best defensive schools. After signing with them the NCAA season came and his first game was here. He was so nervous his teammates where worried. His HC reached out to him though and told him to stay focused. He had a decent first game and had continued to grow from there. After his freshman season was over he now loved the game of football more than anything. He is determined to make it in the pros and his journey is just beginning. College is the way to go he realized and he wont give up on football just yet.
  5. High School Career Review - A task on your high school career. Available immediately upon creation through the start of your Sophomore season. Donte Rose was born into an athletic family. He grew up playing basketball football and he even ran track. He was pretty good at all of them and never really dis obeyed or disrespected. When his freshman year of Highschool came he was given an ultimatum, his parents made him choose between basketball or football. He thought about it but eventually went with football. He played WR for the first couple games but their CB core lacked excitement and depth. The WR was good enough without him but he hadn't thought of making the switch until coach approached him. He asked Donte to give it a shot since he had speed all they needed to know was if he could actually keep up with an opposing WR. He started out slow being able to keep up but not read the route very well. He never really got burned but he did get ankle broken a lot. He played WR for the rest of the season since the frustration was a lot, but he was determined to become a good CB during the offseason. He worked on his coverage skills and hit the GYM a lot more. He was guarding top WR's in the country which improved him a lot. At the start of the season he told coach he would play CB for the year and coach trusted his opinion. He started out sloppy but picked up the slack, coming into the end of his senior year he was a 2 star CB, not good but a great AD from Miami hurricanes recognized his talent and offered him. He commited there and thats when it all began.
  6. All you laughing right now won't be laughing soon, just you wait.
  7. C'mon we just getting started, we taking this no matter what
  8. Norte dames defense is able to stop Texas, they no have the ball. This is getting interesting.
  9. Texas is just eating up the defense right now, not giving them any chance to stop them. This game is already amazing.
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