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  5. Hello, it's me Noah Hartmann III back with another blog entry, today I wanna mainly focus on a SB Nation video I recently watched titled "Noah Hartmann III vs The media is one of the few high profile beefs coming out of High school | Beef History" ((here's the link for anybody that hasn't watched it yet)) http://efl.network/topic/10167-noah-hartmann-vs-the-media-is-one-of-the-few-high-profile-beefs-coming-out-of-high-school-beef-history/?tab=comments#comment-161842 I really like SB Nation, especially the Beef History videos and they never fail to entertain me, but having made one on yourself feels kinda weird, I kinda appreciate having one of my favorite content creators make a video on me, but I obviously wish the nature of the video would've been about a better topic than me "beefing" with the media for years now. I don't feel like I have to defend myself here because SB Nation made the video as neutral as they could, but I realize that I have made some mistakes in the past, like flipping that Idaho Statesman reporter off and I really regret everything that I did wrong here. lol jk screw that reporter.
  6. Seth Rosenthal: The beef between Noah Hartmann the third and literally every media outlet is still young, but has already given us some nice beef stories, but nobody really knows why Noah Hartmann III dislikes the media that much. Seth Rosenthal: Since his birth, many people have had massive expectations for Noah Hartmann III, especially coming out of a football family with such a massive legacy, that also means that the media has been on him since he could even say the word football, when he made his Pop warner debut at the age of 6 reporters were already at the sideline trying to get some interview answers from his grandfather, former EFL Safety and champion with the Seattle Predators Noah Hartmann the first, who just refused to answer anything and even threatened some reporters if they went near his grandson, don't believe me? watch the clip. (Clip Starts) Reporter: But Mr.Hartmann I just want a few wor... NH1: Listen you fu***ng idiot, I will literally knock you out if you don't fu***ng go away. (Clip End) Seth Rosenthal: What a nice old man. Seth Rosenthal: So when Noah Hartmann III started up Junior High School football even more media attention came his way, and it wasn't just local Boise newspapers, even ESPN dropped by once, mostly because of Noah Hartmann the first, but also more and more interest sparked in Noah Hartmann III, who himself didn't really like all the media attention, as he made known when a reporter tried to ask him something while he was at practice. (Clip Starts) Reporter: Noah one ques..... Noah: F**k off. (Clip Ends) Seth Rosenthal: Just like his grandfather. Seth Rosenthal: So as his life and Junior High School career continued, he got really good, but the media attention grew stronger and stronger and Noah Hartmann III grew a more distain against the media, making it known by always ignoring them and with the occassional swear word against them while running by, a local writer for the Idaho Statesman even called him out while reporting on local Boise sports by calling him a "brat" and "spoiled" which Noah Hartmann III answered by flipping him off at the next practice. Seth Rosenthal: When Noah Hartmann III transferred over to High School and managed to make the football team, he didn't start instantly and had to work his way up the depth chart, only getting to play in blowouts or on the kickoff team, because of that the media attention went down a bit after that, it started to pick up again by his Sophomore year where he saw extended minutes and managed to play good again, by his Junior and Senior where he really excelled he managed to mostly ignore the media, even giving interviews to a few selected outlets, the spark got raised again when he made his first blog entry and said that he didn't like the media buggering him, the beef is still young, but I have a feeling it will bring many more stories. Credits: Seth Rosenthal Alex Hawley Jiazhen Zhang (522 Words)
  7. EFL Predictions Champion: Miami East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Memphis, Wisconsin) Miami West Finalist: (Los Angeles, Seattle, San Antonio, New Orleans) Los Angeles MVP: Logan Crawford Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Crawford Defensive Player of the Year: Ian Kelley GMotY: Bushito QBotY: Logan Crawford RBotY: Tugg Bote FBotY: A.A. Goat WRotY: Mantis Toboggan TEotY: Joplo Crittenden LBoftY: Ian Kelley CBotY: Chocolate Thunder SotY: Matt Hunter KoftY: Adam Winesorcery Returner of the Year: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. Offensive Rookie of the Year: Drew McPewPewPewPew Defensive Rookie of the Year: Perrin Night NCAA Predictions Champion: USC East Finalist: (LSU, MIA, MICH, ALA) MIA West Finalist: (USC, ORE, ND, TEX) USC Heisman Trophy - MVP Anderson Muller Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY Roman Sanguszko Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY Jan Karol Chodkiewicz Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman Amina Gunner Davey O'Brien Award -QB Anderson Muller Doak Walker Award - RB Jan Karol Chodkiewicz  Biletnikoff Award - WR Palom Mysidia John Mackey Award - TE Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award - LB Roman Sanguszko Jim Thorpe Award - DB Jean Christophe Groza Guy Award - K/P Johnny Greg Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Jan Karol Chodkiewicz Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service cptMatt Coach of the Year Award - AD Sova
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    Name: Noah Hartmann III Workout Name: 1 TPE Cost of Workout: $500,000 Cash You Have: $500,000 Cash Left: $0
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    Name: Noah Hartmann III Workout Name: 6 TPE Cost of Workout: $2,500,000 Cash You Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $500,000
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    Name: Noah Hartmann III Workout Name: Gain Weight (5 pounds) Cost of Workout: $2.000.000 Cash you Have: $5,000,000 Cash Left: $3,000,000
  11. Noah Hartmann III accepts.
  12. Uhhh...Hi, I'm Noah Hartmann III, you might know me from being one of the Top 5 High school Tight end recruits this year, I figured I should open up a blog for my "fans" (I hate that word) and give them regular updates if my schedule allows it, I will be trying to be active as I can on here, but there might be some weeks where I'd have to let the blog wait, my first order of business as a now blog owner is to discuss my future as a person and player, Yes, I got contacted by some Division 1 colleges which im not going to name here, and I've already chosen which, and i'm also not gonna reveal that now, the media always asking me about it is getting on my Longhorn, I know they are interested in what I am doing but jesus give me a break, you will hear it when I announce it and not earlier. To get to another topic, im planning on going on a little trip to Seattle this weekend, it's a really lovely city which I would recommend to anyone who likes rainy days, it's definetly a must see. I must say goodbye for now, but make sure to tune in...or whatever when I'm releasing a new blog entry. (228 Words)
  13. Hartmann III showing off his catching skills. Noah Hartmann III has been tearing it up this season at Boise High School, so we invited him for a interview to our studio asking about Football, Family and anything else. Reporter: Well, here he is, the star Tight end from Boise High School, number 42 Noah Hartmann III, we are so glad to have you here. NH3: Well i'm glad to be here, thanks for inviting me and for that amazing introduction. Reporter: No problem, so my first question for you is: How does it feel having such a family history involving a former EFL Safety? NH3: You know, it feels great to have someone close to you already have that experience of being a professional football player. Reporter: So it isn't a chip on your shoulder? NH3: Earlier in my career it was for me, it kinda felt like I just have to continue the family legacy otherwise I'd just be a failure, but by my Junior year that all went away. Reporter: How did your Grandfather act through your whole High School career? was he there for you? NH3: Oh yeah definitely, whenever I had problems like not getting over a loss he was there for me and he teached me so much and probably is the main reason I am the player that I am today. Reporter: So, your grandfather supported you, what about your fath.... NH3: Next question please. Reporter: Of course, so uhh...How does it feel to represent the people of Germany in High school football and soon to be College football? NH3: It feels great, I'm so proud of being able to represent Germany and it's great people, they're one of the main reasons I'm playing football and aspiring to go Pro. Reporter: Experts and insiders are connecting you to several colleges, most sources say that you're most likely going to go to Texas, Is this true and if yes, why did you choose Texas? NH3: Well experts and insiders are saying so much things nowadays, Texas is a great instituition and even better destination for College athletes, if i'm going there though will be answered soon, just wait. Reporter: I always wanted to know the whole name thing in your family, who started up the whole thing? NH3: Well, actually my grandmother suggested when my father was born, that they should just name him Noah Hartmann II, and when I was born my father continued the tradition named me Noah Hartmann III. Reporter: Are you yourself going to continue the tradition and name your future son Noah Hartmann IV? NH3: I don't really know yet, it would be really cool to continue the family tradition, but my biggest worry is my children or grandchildren will continue it and the number just will get to big ya know *chuckles* Reporter: Alright and here's my last question and probably the most important one, why did you choose number 42 as your jersey number? NH3: *chuckles* Well, I had to choose a number in High School, thing was I didn't know what to take, so I just opened up a random number generator and 42 came out, sounds exciting doesn't it? Reporter: *laughs* Yup, well that's all the time we got, thanks for giving us a interview and good luck with your future activities. NH3: Thank you for having me here!
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