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    S1 EFL Week #5

    when ur 4th in receiving in the league and get 2 targets and still get 48 yards lel
  2. +3 tpe brand +6 tpe article +9 TPE TPE= 132 Hands 61->62 (3) Agility 45->46 (1) Speed 72->73 (5)
  3. +3 tpe brand +6 tpe article +9 TPE TPE= 132 Tackling 58->60 Speed 73->74
  4. dakiller


    The New York Herd have started the season 3-1 with their only loss coming to the Miami Neptune in a heartbreaker of a game in the first week. The game fell onto Evander Wayne Jr. eventually, as he threw two pick sixes in a game where the defense stood stout for most of the game. Luckily for the Herd, they have rebounded and won their last 3 games. With this 3-1 record, the Herd sit high upon the rankings in their division, being 2 games above everybody else. They are about to enter into a 4 game road trip, which has been a place that is noticeably harder to win in this league. Two of our clients, Hornowitz McGilligan and Wemarcus Dare, play for this team and have played big roles in getting them to where they are. Wemarcus Dare had a pick six in their last game and has had a sack this season, he has not done too well at racking up tackles. Hornowitz McGilligan is currently 4th in receiving, as Chase Alexander is second in the league. He has worked incredibly hard and his effort is clear on every snap that he plays. This has allowed him to be recognized as a steal of the draft so far.
  5. dakiller


    In a wild twist, two life long best friends from the New York Herd got into a fight following their latest win. Hornowitz McGilligan and Wemarcus Dare appeared to get into a fight over their performances so far this season. McGilligan was cited as being mad that Dare got a touchdown before he did, especially considering that Dare has done nothing to stand out along the New York Herd defense, as many have viewed him as an average player at best. Dare, however, was mad that McGilligan was attacking him and knew that it was because McGilligan has been unable to get into the end zone. Hornowitz has been the 4th best receiver yardage wise, but has the 2nd most receptions and the highest yards per catch for receivers with more than 20 receptions. This has proven that he is not only a consistent receiver at getting open, but is a player who can always get a big play. Oddly enough, however, he has not been able to find the offense yet. Chase Alexander has reached the end zone has reached the end zone seven times, even though he is physically and development wise a lesser player than Hornowitz McGilligan. "Man listen, I don't really know what to tell you," said McGilligan. "I understand that everybody likes Alexander and stuff, but I don't see how you can say he is a better player than me at this point. I catch the balls that are thrown my way consistently, he gets open like once a game and they just end up going for big plays, I'm really not too sure why. I feel like, from a consistency standpoint, I am the best receiver on this team. I make big plays and I make the little plays that have to be made. I think I give more effort than anybody else on the team. Have I been in the endzone? Not yet, but it has to come eventually. I also heard I might be getting demoted even lower, I'll be mad if that happens. Whatever, people respect me as a top receiver and I'm expecting management to do the same thing." "I think it was one of those things where some teammates just wanted to express their opinions because even in the midst of winning, we still have some issues that we want to be able to get hammered out with all of our guys. For Hornowitz, I know he's been dying to get his first touchdown to go with his large chunk of yardage, but I also think that he was out of line with what he said. He attacked my character and things that I stand for. He obviously didn't mean what I said, but somebody always gets mad when one brother does better than the other and that's how being siblings works. He and I have been brothers forever, I understand his frustration and we will work together to calm him down, but the guy's a stud and we are both doing our jobs. 3 games winning streak lets focus."
  6. dakiller

    BBB Talks Stats

    let me make it clear my buddy @Leonidasis only successful because of his wide receivers, he has no sim league success and no talent unlike me. super successful guy here
  7. wow lavar ball just became as douchey online as he is coaching BBB
  8. Apparently there was 6 more TPE from the Reddit stuff for 9 total. so +6 TPE Reddit +6 TPE Article +3 TPE Brand =15 TPE Speed 70->73 (15)
  9. Apparently there was 6 more TPE from the Reddit stuff for 9 total. so +6 TPE Reddit +6 TPE Article +3 TPE Brand =15 TPE Hands 54->61 (15)
  10. dakiller


    "Man, I'm kinda mad at myself. I feel like I'm an elite level linebacker but I just wasn't making plays for my team out there. I definitely need to step up if we are going to see a rebound from this game. We were ultimately barely beaten by a pretty shitty team. Their offense couldn't get it rolling on us until one of their last drives in the game. That's just absolute luck, our offense was really our worst defense out there, but hey man, that's how it goes. We'll get our shit right, just be ready for it." - LB Wemarcus Dare "I don't know how we lost this game honestly. I guess the fact that both of our interceptions were returned for TD's really hurt us, but we moved the ball decently well as an offense. I think a takeaway by our defense would have gone a long ways in getting us a win. I also think I should be targeted more, I simply could not be stopped. We'll see what happens, though. It's a long season and it's always tough to start out on the road. I think that as time goes on we will be much improved as a unit. Not too scared for now." - WR Hornowitz McGilligan
  11. -Hey, you were very vocal on the sideline about not getting a touchdown tonight. Do you feel like the game was a failure because of that? Nah fuck it dude, it was a success. Did I want to taste paydirt? Hell yeah, but who doesn't? I'm not gonna get a touchdown every game and that's just reality. If I was WR1 would I have gotten in there? Yeah that's a guarantee. But I performed and I just picked on Scott Kibbie Jr., the guys a fucking scrub. I was eating out there and I think that everybody acknowledges that. I needed more targets to get in the endzone. -7 Catches and 114 yards gives you the most targets on the team, do you think that Miami just got the better of you tonight or do you think it was a successful outing? Better of me? I was the second WR on this team and I'm second in receiving in the league. Nobody got the better of me and especially not that sorry ass Kibbie Jr. I was running around him all day and I had one drop, but it was crucial. Here's the thing, if Evander wasn't color blind I would've had a few more catches for big gains. I was consistent and a target that was easy to fine. Miss me with that shit that makes it sound like they were better than me. Nobody stopped me tonight, unlucky loss out there. -Do you think New York has the best receiving core in the league? Fuck no. Our receiver got lucky. I mean Alexander had 4 catches, two just happened to be long ass bombs. We need consistency. I think that we could be if we continue to develop, but I'm gonna need more from Blair and Alexander. I was the only receiver there from start to finish. We can do this shit but we have to act like we know that we can. We just need some more balls actually to us and we'll be good. No need to sweat or anything, we're still a top team in the league.
  12. dakiller

    S1 EFL Week #1

    elite wr right here
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