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  1. Numbers again wow And also zane montgomery is a beast wowee
  2. Numbers for RBotY USC for Team of the Year
  3. numbers gets 7.5 ypc and no second half touches 33% completion win???
  4. sim broke no touches for numbers
  5. No more touches for Numbers
  6. Numbers is tearing it up and USC is an awesome team. Oven remains mediocre
  7. As a RB, I don't want to have to be playing a literal real life rhinoceros on the field so come to USC and I won't have to go against you!
  8. How about them 2-0 trojans tho
  9. Ouch. Really rough game for USC, Numbers, and even Oven. Hopefully we bounce back
  10. Name: Jimmy Numbers Team: USC Workout Name: 12 tpe Cost of Workout 5m Cash you Have: 5m Cash Left: 0 Name: Convection Oven Team: isc Workout Name: 4 tpe Cost of Workout 2m Cash you Have: 2m Cash Left: 0
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