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  1. Also does anyone read anything into lat's messages in the #efl_discussion channel?
  2. I think the reason we don't have as much information is because nobody has been talking very much. At this stage last game, we had 11 pages, but we only have 4 now. Usually I'm heavily against no-lynch on day 2, because I'm a firm believer in pressuring to gain information. So I think we should try for a lynch on day 3, or at least try to get some things moving.
  3. This sounds really cool! New CB Convection Oven would love to be part of this. I'll send you a PM with some details tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. 248 all-purpose yards for Numbers and 17 points! Yay! Plus MLS with his best game so far and his second TD!
  5. My SSN is 124715124715124715 so that's why
  6. Touchdown and another huge yardage game! We're progressing bit by bit.
  7. Like I'll read the thread and contribute as much as I can but I'm not going to be around 24/7 or close to it is what I mean
  8. Tough game for the Trojans, but Numbers was on
  9. -1 experience, what a god
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