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  1. Wooo! Let's go Irish! Or at least until I recreate and my allegiance gets pulled somewhere else...
  2. Glad for the Neptune win. Rough games individually, though
  3. Good game from the Irish! Glad to see they can still win a couple
  4. Welp. One of those guaranteed one win and one loss. Unfortunately, that came with pretty much meh stats for both players.
  5. Pandar

    Welfare 6/2-6/8

    SBA article: +6
  6. Well damn. JBL puts up what might be the best game of his entire career (future included) and we still can't get the win
  7. From champs to 1-3 Maybe I should recreate ... though my 50 TPE filler wouldn't exactly light it up
  8. JBL gets stonewalled in a win, Kabore gets 5 tackles, a PD and an Int in a loss. I feel very conflicted right now
  9. SBA Article: +6
  10. Neptune win!!!!!! Brigade... nuuuuuuuuuu
  11. 2 more wins! Lovin' it!
  12. Run for 100+ yards? Check. Get an interception? Check. Get 2 wins? Check. Let's end the season now, I've peaked.
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