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  1. Checks Kabore's stat line: 6 Tackles, nice! 1 PD, good good. 1 Sack. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay then.
  2. Well, that wasn't the result I was hoping for
  3. Quiet game for Kabore, but hard to argue with the win!
  4. Ugh, two tough losses. It's alright, we'll bounce back next sim!
  5. Win and just under 200 total yards. Not a bad game
  6. Ugh, I hate not enjoying personal performances because my team lost. But 8 tackles and a PD's pretty okay.
  7. Nice win! JBL not getting quite as many yards on the ground this season, but he's getting a few more through the air!
  8. Well, we nearly messed that up rrrrrrl bad.
  9. Brigade Win! Neptune don't
  10. Ugly loss. PD, Int, and 6 tackles isn't bad tho.
  11. Man, two tough losses. Hope this isn't a sign of the season to come...
  12. ... seriously? I had no idea!
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