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  1. Congrats guys! Can’t wait to see @AndrewWarren13 get the pack back to form!
  2. this is the kind of quality content that keeps us coming back for more
  3. You mean 2 time efl champion JFK??
  4. Longhorns @SnapTackleDrop
  5. Excited to see JKC in action and to keep this win streak rollin!
  6. K Shawn Vinatieri @DWill @Siddhus Also missing my guy Jeff Downey in the spreadsheet
  7. @Tate Added RB Jan Karol Chodkiewicz (JKC) S15: $2.5M I edited this into my OP already as well.
  8. Welcome to San Antonio @majesiu! San Antonio offers: RB JKC S15: $2.5M
  9. this is a fun fact The pack is back bitches!
  10. WR Jeff Downey @SnapTackleDrop
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