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  1. im 90% hes SK at this point so i guess we'll see when we lynch him. If so, it would make a lot more sense given what happened night 1
  2. Oh I actually didn’t think about that, if he is SK and someone visited him n1 then they would have died? all I’m saying is tater tot visited 6er and then 6er died. Pretty sus
  3. Tater tot is mafia. Was role blocked the first night and then went to sixersfans house last night vote Tater_Tot
  4. I think you would pick some one to pick up and someone as a destination. this would block their original target that night and then replace it with the person you picked. Example I want to drive Tater_Tot to LattimoreIsland. The next morning, if Lat is dead, then Tater_Tot is prob mafia because you changed their target to Lat and Tater_tot was mafioso
  5. the feels better, that was a must win if we even wanted a chance at playoffs
  6. I used to play League of Legends a lot back in the day and the first champion I played a lot of was Anivia. "On my wings" was a voice line that was spammed a lot since there weren't very many lines so it became a meme within my friends that I played league with. Just kinda stuck
  7. if a janitor cleans a target do they then show as janitor or just normal town? Sounds like the SK randomly chose a mafia in this case
  8. Mafia is one of the only things keeping me going this season
  9. only 2 games back from playoffs, theres still hope
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