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  1. Earlier today newly developed sports agency, TrueRising, made a splash statement by announcing that they had signed Droptable Fromstar to their client list. If you're unfamiliar with Droptable's story, he is a quarterback from Jupiter, Florida, who has been sitting out o college football so far this year simply for the fact that schools don't want to touch him due to his attitude history, despite all indications being that he has turned that part of his life around. Despite what seems to be a black listed by college programs, TrueRising has taken the gamble and put their name behind this young athlete. We were able to catch up with Droptable and get a statement from him. "Man I'm just feeling truly blessed right now. It was a hard time because I've worked to get myself into a position to where I can continue in this sport, yet no one wants to hear it, they just want to dwell on the past. I wasn't about to give up or anything, I've still been working out here in Florida and trying to do what I can to keep myself in shape and improve my technique and mechanics, but to have the backing of a well funded sports agency, it means the world. Like they didn't have to do that and it's a major risk for them, but I feel like it'll payoff for everyone involved"
  2. TrueRising is an up and coming sports agency. This is just a place holder for now, official stuff will be replace this once the intern does her job. Client List: DeMetrius Williams (SEA), Dropstar Fromtable (undetermined)
  3. Dropstar was born in Jupiter, Florida, and from an early age his life evolved around sports. When he was barely able to stand up, his aunt would play catch with him and he just had that natural athleticism. He would play everything from football to soccer to baseball in his early years, but when he got to high school he knew he had to choose one sport if he truly wanted to be great at it. After some consideration he chose football and stood behind that decision. Before now, Fromtable was mostly used as a running back or wide receiver as he had good footwork and pretty decent speed to allow him to do things in the open field that made people's jaws drop, however, with the teams he seemed to be on it didn't matter much and they often lost. That is why going into high school he decided he would move to quarterback because at least at the end of the day he knew the win or loss had a lot to do with him and a little less to do with other teammates. Dropstar would struggle in the first couple years of high school as he would continue his theme and try and play hero ball running around trying to make plays with his feet instead of being an actual quarterback. This would land him in hot water with his coaches and he wouldn't start a single game his freshman or sophomore year. Once again at a crossroads with football, he asked his coaches if they would work with him and try and get his mind right. Fortunately for him, one of the coaches agreed. Over the course of that summer with the help from this coach, Fromtable would go from looking like he needed to change positions in order to play to being a true stand in the pocket and find his receivers type of player. Now with the backing of the coach he worked with, Fromtable would go on to become the day one starter his junior year and lead a middle tier Florida high school program to state playoffs his senior year. People will go on about his strengths and weaknesses, but the true story of Dropstar is the transformation he made and his willingness to change and grow as an individual.
  4. This last season pushed and pulled me harder than anything in my life has so far. At times I was a professional and acted mature for my age, while at other times I was every bit of youth that I am......maybe even a bit younger. It was a trying time being in Los Angeles, on the west coast, far away from everything and everyone I know. I told myself that that stuff didn't matter, that I was about to be paid more to play a game I love than others make in a lifetime. I was wrong. Add on the fact that I was now being asked to switch positions and that I was no longer going to be carrying the rock, my world was crushed. I almost didn't care anymore. I gave up. Whatever the media was saying about my attitude was probably right. Still though, through all the mess and drama and outside distractions, I think I put up a pretty decent season putting up 687 yards receiving and 169 more on the ground for 856 total yards to go with 9 touchdowns. Still, the animosity and tension built up between me and the staff and the dudes upstairs so here we are today as I pack my stuff. I've been traded. Time to start a new chapter.
  5. It's been a while since I took the time to sit down and write a new entry, but that's the craziness that has been my life so far in the EFL. I know people said that it was going to be a grind, but man has it been non stop so far. Coming to Los Angeles has been one of the best experiences in my life. Sure I've been here a few times playing USC and what not, but now living here full time and being part of the living entity that is LA, it's just something that words can't describe. I've been doing my best as a rookie to pick up everything and I can and do whatever it takes to get out there on the field. So far I've been primarily used as a receiver, but I did get a good set of touches running it a few weeks back and I absolutely went off. I know it's been frustrating not only for me, but also my fans seeing me drop a lot of passes, but that's just me getting used to my new role as a receiver and while there'll be growing pains, good things are around the corner.
  6. DWill

    EFL S12 WEEK 2

    Just get me out in open space no one can touch me, this having to catch the ball first tho is the real problem
  7. Week 2 Reign @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Predators Brigade @ Herd Krakken @ Neptune Week 3 Neptune @ Predators Herd @ Reign Mambas @ Wolfpack Krakken @ Brigade Week 4 Mambas @ Predators Reign @ Wolfpack Krakken @ Herd Brigade @ Neptune
  8. W2 - Brigade @ Herd - combined Passing yards: 576 W3 - Total EFL Rushing TDs: 11 W3 - Neptune @ Predators - Total Sacks: 5 W4 - Total weekly EFL TD passes: 19 W4 - Reign @ Wolfpack - Total completed passes: 47
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