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  1. It has finally come to that moment where a young star enters the final year of his college career. Today that is the day for Dropstar Fromtable. The young quarterback for the LSU Tigers had made his intentions known to his teammates and close friends, but is now coming out publicly to announce that this next season will be the final one for him in Baton Rouge. Many speculate as to why he is now making this decision, but many have come to the conclusion that it is the uncertainty and stability of the school's football and athletic program itself. Headed into his junior year, Fromtable will now be under the third athletic director, or one for each year. "I'd like to say just how grateful I am to the people who saw something in me and decided to give me a chance when so many others wouldn't. Without the support of my coaches, staff members, athletic directors, teachers, and fans, I'm not sure I'd be standing here today proudly wearing the LSU colors and set up to take on the challenge that is the next level, the EFL. Despite all that though I feel like I'm so far removed from those people that brought me in that it's not even the same vision that was laid out before me. I'm still committed as ever to the team this upcoming season and hope to do well and am just excited to get back out to practice. Let's make this last year for me in Louisiana great!"
  2. Name: Dropstar Fromtable Team: LSU Workout/Equipment Name: 10 TPE + 2 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: 5M Cash you Have: 5M Cash Left: 0
  3. not sure what you're talking about
  4. Those Texas days were easily some of the most fun I've had in this league so far
  5. So this is basically my list of positions and how I'd rank them for if I were creating a new player and how enjoyable I think they'd be for me to play and watch in sims. 13. Cornerback So I have two cornerbacks currently, one in here, DeMetrius Williams on Seattle, and one in the NSFL and while I thought I'd like the position, overall in DDSPF I've found that I actually don't like the position that much. I'm not sure how they worked out the position behind the scenes, but it doesn't seem like they did a good job and as a result you often feel like being a good cornerback is a detriment. I don't know, but for me this position now ranks below every other, yes, even below kicker. 12. Kicker/Punter This is one position I've never actually tried out and I can see some appeal to it, especially if I wanted to take a break and only be somewhat active and still be able to see some results. I think I'd have a decent enough of a good time building/playing with a kicker character to rank them above cornerback, at least for now until I actually make one. 11. Free Safety When it comes to defense this one is easily my second most hated, even though I've never played it, but I at least see enough value in it and have seen it be more relevant than corner so I'd be willing to give that position a go sometime. 10. Middle Linebacker Some might think that this is a little low on my list, but there's a reason for this and it's simply that throughout my sim league career (dating back to the good ol Madden '05 PC sim league days) I've almost exclusively been a linebacker and mostly a middle linebacker, so while I'd consider playing one again, it doesn't get me as excited as some of the other positions. 9. Fullback I go back and forth on this one as fullback is one of my favorite positions in football and one that I actually played in real life. The problem with the position itself and why it's ranked where it is is because I'm not too sure that it's actually a viable position in this sim engine that really impacts the game in any way. 8. Outside linebacker (non-speed rusher) Outside linebacker gets placed in a similar spot to middle linebacker for similar reasons as it's a position that I've played more times than I can count in sim leagues, but despite that I still find outside linebacker somewhat fun and could see myself playing it again in the future. 7. Strong Safety Strong Safety is one of my most favorite positions in football, mostly because Kam Chancellor is one of my all-time favorite players (along with Kenny Easley). I think this is the position in the secondary that suits me the best and I think it's a versatile position that can be moved around a lot. 6. Tight End Tight end makes its way decently far up my list as the first offensive position. Tight end is a position I could see myself playing in the future and has some great matchup opportunities in games. I'd probably make a vertical threat type tight end though to try and get mismatches in the passing game and not worry too much on the blocking aspect, that's just my thoughts for now on it though, could change. 5. Defensive End/Speed rush OLB So this is actually a pretty fun position to play, but I just recently had one of these so I'm opting more for other positions at this point, but definitely would make another one in the future. 4. Quarterback Obviously with my current NCAA player here, Dropstar Fromtable on LSU, being a quarterback I'm not too likely to make another in the near future, but I'd always consider making a new one over some of these other positions as it's quite fun and you're a part of a lot of the offense and get to see your name a lot, for better or for worse. 3. Defensive Tackle The idea of being a big bodied defensive tackle is definitely appealing to me as a lot of my favorite players throughout the years (Vita Vea, Danny Shelton, Greg Gaines, Jarran Reed, Cortez Kennedy, Reggie White, the list just goes on and on and on). Basically I'd definitely be open to playing this position in the near future and will be one of the main positions I consider for recreates/fillers. 2. Running Back So Crowbar Theeks was my first ever running back in sim leagues and I'll have to admit he was the most fun I had, it's just unfortunate that it went down with him the way it did (he'll make a comeback elsewhere soon), but despite that the runningback position will definitely be on the short list of positions to consider. 1. Wide Receiver So I've never made a wide receiver in any league ever and have never played truly played it (Theeks being thrust into it as a RB doesn't count). I think if I truly wanted to create a receiver and have him be a receiver it would be a pretty good time and I'd enjoy myself with that guy a good bit.
  6. As the NCAA season comes to an end and new changes are happening both in team depth charts with players graduation, leaving for the draft, accepting new scholarships, and some transfers, LSU quarterback Dropstar Fromtable has a lot to think about in the near future. LSU's current athletic director is stepping down, which means the new athletic director will be Dropstar's third in three years at the school. That type of instability makes for uneasy footing despite team success. Given where Fromtable currently is, helping his team to two straight playoff appearances including hoisting the Championship trophy in one of those seasons, it's quite possible that he makes his junior year his final season at LSU and then heads for the EFL. "Yeah that's definitely a possibility and something that my people at TrueRising and people close to me at home have all be talking about and discussing the possible paths forward. Right now I'm mostly focused on my training and continuing to improve and just get ready for the next season at LSU, but yea I definitely got my eye on the future as well. I think I'll probably make a decision in the next few days as I don't want this to be a distraction during the season, but rather have a definitive answer knowing exactly what my next move is."
  7. my dudes, if you could stop dropping all these passes that'd be great
  8. Through 9 games so far this season, the LSU Tigers are barely above .500 as they now have a 5-4 record after a nail-biting overtime win against the Texas Longhorns. This is quite the departure from where the team was last season as they took home the National Championship, however, there's still a lot of room for optimism. Their young quarterback, Dropstar Fromtable, has certainly taken a leadership role on the team as he remains upbeat and excited about the future of LSU football. We've definitely had a lot to overcome and endure this season with the departure of some key guys from last season's championship squad as well as the inevitable championship handover. Nevertheless, we've shown glimpses here and there of who we are and the talent we do possess, but for now I think we're just a bit too young and that shows at times as well. We'll continue to grow as a team and as we come to know our weaknesses we can better adjust and have better game plans for our opponents on a weekly basis. Despite a reduced workload, Fromtable is currently fourth in the entire NCAA in passing yards and quarterback rating. As he continues to grow and mature I think Fromtable can be a front line starter and be up for a number of awards.
  9. Fromtable & Murphy @OnMyWings
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