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  1. Being part of the TrueRising brand is more than being a great athlete, it's about representing something. That's what we look for in our athletes and they know they're expected to be great leaders on and off the field. Dropstar Fromtable took that part of his contract with us to heart and has showed to be an exemplary model at his time at LSU thus far. When the LSU players got back from the devastating loss to Texas, Fromtable didn't sit around and sulk or go over the game in his head, instead he went out to one of the Boys and Girls clubs and hung out with some of the kids. Fromtable has been doing this multiple times a week and tries to be a good role model to some of the kids, some of which don't have good examples in their life. "You know, growing up I knew a lot of dudes whose didn't have a father or any kind of role model in their life and I see the road that some of them went down and I just think, maybe I can help be a positive light in some of these kids' life and maybe they won't go down the same kind of path. It's bigger than me and there's more things in life than just football and I just want to make a difference where it might be felt outside of football"
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  3. TrueRising client Dropstar Fromtable is quickly emerging as one of the fresh young talents in the NCAA. After having to prove his worth to the LSU coaching staff in practice, Fromtable finally got a chance to start for the Tigers. After a tough first collegiate game against the Texas Longhorns, Fromtable quickly bounced back and has put together an impressive string of games that has the school and fans across the nation buzzing. When asked about his quick transition to the college level, Dropstar quickly deflected and put most of the praise on his teammates and coaches. I'm just thankful that I was finally given an opportunity to go out there and play. I never doubted myself for a second, but when it comes down to it my teammates have just been great. West, man he's a dude that works so hard has stayed after practice to get reps in with me and you can really see it out there as he just finds a way to get open and I throw it in his direction and more times than not he comes down with it. Obviously we're still going through some growing pains as I adjust to the college level, but I think we'll just continue to improve week in and week out.
  4. Well the wait is finally over for LSU Tigers fans as Dropstar Fromtable was finally given the go ahead by coaching staff to suit up and take the field. The reasons as to why he was benched for the first few games of the season are relatively unknown as everyone on the Tigers staff, as well as players, are all pretty tight lipped. We've heard from sources that the young player and the coaching staff got into some pretty heated arguments and apparently it was more over lack of communication as to his role on the team more than anything. Nevertheless let's take a look at the first couple of games of Dropstar's college career. Game 1 - 40-7 loss on the road to Texas Well talk about getting thrown to the wolves in your first ever start. Texas is a known powerhouse and has a long history of great defenses and great running games. Last week against Notre Dame would have been the ideal starter game to get his feet wet, instead he's facing pure power. It was evident early on that it was going to be a bad day when Dropstar overthrew the receiver on his first throw of the game. The lack of practice with the first team was evident. LSU tried to go toe for toe with the Texas run game and they did a good job, but when they were forced into throwing the ball, Dropstar showed his lack of experience as he ended many drives early. As the game started to get out of control, LSU turned to Fromtable to put the team on his back, but the weight ended up being too much. He'd go on to throw two interceptions, however, he was able to string together a pretty good drive that ended with him throwing a 6 yard TD pass. Game 2 - 17-10 victory against Oregon As the Ducks came down to Baton Rouge with a 4-0 record, it was looking like it might be another long day for the Tigers and Dropstar. There was one advantage though for the youngster that he didn't have against Texas and that is having the home crowd behind him to cheer him on. If you think that doesn't have much of an affect you're gravely mistaken. The Tigers once again relied mostly on a running attack against Oregon and it proved to be quite successful and unlike against Texas, Fromtable's passes looked a bit more crisp and on point. Still, he was throwing some wobblers and got picked off one time, but overall his ball security and general field awareness seemed to have improved quite a bit in just a week's time. The chemistry with his receivers also looked to be a lot better. Overall it's still way too early to make too many judgements about Dropstar and his performances to this point, but with the work ethic he's shown in his short time at LSU he should continue to get better and better. He's still a raw prospect and in a couple seasons he could very well end up being one of the premier quarterbacks in the NCAA.
  5. With the Seattle Predators still undefeated at five wins to no losses and only given up a league best 98 points against, we figured we'd give a little more insight into one of the lesser known players of that defense, DeMetrius Williams. Williams isn't a vocal dude, in fact in all the time representing this young man I've barely heard him uttter a handful of words at a time. He's humble and doesn't take anything for granted and he's a gentle soul. Yet despite all that, get him out on the field and he turns into a warrior. He won't make all the flashy plays as you'll see with his low interception numbers and almost no pass breakups at that. What he does though is stand his ground and isn't afraid to mix it up in the run game as you'll often see him make plays on the running back at or very near the line of scrimmage. I can't really confirm this because I've never been close enough to hear it myself, but I've been told by other players and coaching staff that down on the field he talks a lot of trash and he's pretty good at it. All in all, DeMetrius is a fierce competitor and despite not being too relatively known he seems to make his presence known each week whether he's making a play or not.
  6. Week one of the NCAA season was a bit of a shock for some of the LSU Tigers fans as the team took the field. Most expected highly touted freshman, Dropstar Fromtable, to take the field, but instead it seems that the Tigers are trotting out former wide receiver, Hingle McCringleberry. Obviously this couldn't have been the plan from everything we've read and everything we've heard this offseason, but here we are. After the game we caught up with Fromtable to get some insight on how this played out and what exactly is going on with his spot on the team. "Honestly I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't shocked right now. Like I came here and signed with this school large in part because they said I'd be the starter come next season, well this season. I have been working hard all offseason and had prepped like I was going to be starting, but right before the game coach pulled me aside and said I wouldn't be starting and he wasn't sure when I would actually get to play. Talk about frustrating man, like I feel like I was lied to and it's hard to just sit out here on the bench and root for my teammates to do good when I feel like I should be out there playing. At the end of the day though they still my dudes and I still root for them though. It's just not the kind of start I expected when coming here." Obviously the situation in Louisiana is an odd one and we really didn't get any kind of insight from Dropstar on the situation other than coaches had told him he wasn't starting before the game. The odd thing we found in the conversation with the quarterback though, was that he said that the head coach told him he wasn't sure when he would actually play. We pressed a little more from Dropstar to try and see what he meant by that. "I honestly don't know, it's not really the kind of thing you want to hear. It may be game three or four or something before I actually take the field. It's kind of up in the air and my head kind of went blank when I was being told that I wasn't playing, you know like when you're being told really bad news and the rest of the world kind of drowns out into nothingness. Yeah that's basically how it was." As we sit here right now watching the games for week 2 of the NCAA season get underway, we can see once again that it is McCringleberry under center for the Tigers as they take on the USC Trojans. Is it lack of confidence in the freshman's arm or his reliability to execute the LSU gameplan that has his coaches a bit worried? No one really knows what's going on down in the bayou as of now since the LSU coaching staff has yet to make any kind of statement on the subject.
  8. QB: Alex Moran ($5) RB: Tachyon Luminosity ($4) RB: Victor Von Van Mort ($4) WR: Taktischer Vorschlaghammer ($3) WR: Hugh Jassole ($4) Flex (WR/RB/TE): Asahel ($6) K: Cody Smith ($1) D/ST: USC ($1)
  9. NCAA Week 1 Asahel Total Rushing Yards: 99 EFL Week 1 Los Angeles vs New York Total Passing Attempts: 99 EFL Week 2 Martin Issac Total Passing Yards: 225 NCAA Week 2 Goodall West: Total Receiving Yards: 99 Week 2 Total Rushing Touchdowns for All EFL and NCAA Games: 16
  10. Week 1 Predators Herd Mambas Kraken Week 2 Reign Predators Herd Neptune
  11. WEEK 1 Trojans v Crimson Tide Tigers v Hurricanes Wolverines v Fighting Irish Ducks v Longhorns WEEK 2 Tigers v Trojans Hurricanes v Crimson Tide Ducks v Fighting Irish Longhorns v Wolverines
  12. Username: Dwill QB: Gavin Rose $3 RB: David Moriarty $6 WR: Patrick Kelley $6 WR: TJ Hendrix $1 WR: Mr Cornholio $1 FLEX: Charlie Hudson $4 TE: Stephen Loth $5 K: Diana Gunner $1 DST: Miami $3 $30
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