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  1. It's been a while since I took the time to sit down and write a new entry, but that's the craziness that has been my life so far in the EFL. I know people said that it was going to be a grind, but man has it been non stop so far. Coming to Los Angeles has been one of the best experiences in my life. Sure I've been here a few times playing USC and what not, but now living here full time and being part of the living entity that is LA, it's just something that words can't describe. I've been doing my best as a rookie to pick up everything and I can and do whatever it takes to get out there on the field. So far I've been primarily used as a receiver, but I did get a good set of touches running it a few weeks back and I absolutely went off. I know it's been frustrating not only for me, but also my fans seeing me drop a lot of passes, but that's just me getting used to my new role as a receiver and while there'll be growing pains, good things are around the corner.
  2. Just get me out in open space no one can touch me, this having to catch the ball first tho is the real problem
  3. Week 2 Reign @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Predators Brigade @ Herd Krakken @ Neptune Week 3 Neptune @ Predators Herd @ Reign Mambas @ Wolfpack Krakken @ Brigade Week 4 Mambas @ Predators Reign @ Wolfpack Krakken @ Herd Brigade @ Neptune
  4. W2 - Brigade @ Herd - combined Passing yards: 576 W3 - Total EFL Rushing TDs: 11 W3 - Neptune @ Predators - Total Sacks: 5 W4 - Total weekly EFL TD passes: 19 W4 - Reign @ Wolfpack - Total completed passes: 47
  5. QB: Anderson Mueller - $6 RB: Jan Karol Chodkiewicz - $6 RB: Tre Jaguar - $5 WR: Victor Von Vanmort - $1 WR: Donovan Sayers $2 Flex (WR/RB/TE): Duke Starscream - $3 K: Evenging Chong - $1 D/ST: Bama - $2
  6. ayy I got that touchdown
  7. 3 dropped passes & a penalty....you could say I'm doing pretty great
  8. I'm not sure active in either league so there really isn't a lot I can add as to what they have that EFL doesn't, but I suppose one thing that could be better with the EFL manager is the dashboard. Looking over at SBA's player management system, their dashboard at least gives you some useful information about things you haven't have/haven't posted as well as if you've submitted for the current update window or not, whereas ours only gives you a timer and that's basically it. The only other thing I can see besides that (and this is most likely slated for future development) is that SBA's also ties in the player store. If those couple of things were added/made better I think overall our manager tool would be very complete and well done and aside from that I can't really think of anything else from those two leagues that I would want to be included (mostly because I'm not really too active in either).
  9. Well this comes as to no surprise who I'll be talking about here. The one award that the committee definitely got wrong is in the FB of the Year award. Like I can't even begin to think how they came to a majority decision to give the award to Quin'darius Furdge as he was by far and large not the best fullback and he may not have even been the second best. Nevertheless, Vestards Mordzinsh Jr got robbed big time as he had easily the best year of any fullback, almost doubling the amount of pancakes and had more overall offensive yards than Furdge. The only thing I can see is that the committee was like "oh hey New York had more team rushing yards, better average, and more touchdowns and uhh let's just ignore everything else". Well I got nominated for four awards and only took two of those home and both times it was because of the player I'm about to talk about. Drew McPewPewPew needed to put up one heck of a year in order to beat me for the two awards we were nominated for and he did just that. Last season we were teammates at Texas and I knew that he would be able to make the transition from receiver to quarterback pretty seamlessly, however, he stepped up huge in a year that Oregon was primed to go all the way and he did so in a way that probably not a lot saw coming as he absolutely destroyed the NCAA nearly throwing for just over 4600 yards and 32 TDs to go with it. Hats off to McPewPewPew
  10. Username: DWill QB: Logan Crawford $6 RB: Peyton Nydroj $6 WR: Dan Wilinsky $1 WR: Theremin McCraken $4 WR: Michael Houston $3 FLEX: Reginald Sharkstrong $5 TE: Johnny Bravo $1 K: Kasay Longwell $1 DST: Seattle $3
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