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S12 Oregon Spring Training

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Welcome, New and Returning Ducks to your Season 12 Spring Training Camp! 

Post below your player's name, position, and TPE Earned and make sure to link that post on update thread to claim!

ALL PLAYERS ELIGIBLE FOR 9 TPE. If your player's archetype matches the team philosophy, PLEASE CLAIM 13 TPE FOR YOUR SPECIFIC PLAYER!


Updated WR & SS archetypes S11. Updated CB & QB S12.



        QB: Dual Threat @Homeskillet

RB: Scatback @majesiu

 FB: Blocking @JaysFan26

WR: Possession (locked) @Smarch

    TE: Possession @oilmandan

 ILB: 3-4 Tackling @majesiu @Sonnet 

  OLB: Pass Rushing @Patdatass @Kirby

    CB: Zone Cover @Homeskillet

    FS: Man Cover

    SS: Run Support (locked) @duckberg

K: Kicker @Bushito


@DonCutta190 @xsjack @DilIsPickle @LattimoreIsland @cosbornballboy @Esso2264 @Renomitsu @deadshot

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