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S12 Hall of Fame Nominations

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Last season we rolled out our inaugural Hall of Fame class (congratulations once again to Marcus Johnson, Trey Masters, and Tyler Barabash!), and this season we have a new batch of hopefuls looking to join them! New to the nominations this time around is the Special Teams candidate. We decided that Kickers would never really compare to other offensive players favorably, so in order to give them a fair shake at immortality we added a separate category for Special Teams. Now let's take a look at the nominees!





QB Mike Boss @Boss

Mike Boss was the original super star quarterback. Despite being an 11th round pick in the inaugural draft (the 8th quarterback off the board), Boss blew the doors off the entire league by leading the league in everything in season 1 (most yards, highest completion percentage, most touchdowns, & fewest interceptions) en route to winning league MVP and an EFL Championship. His 31 touchdown passes that season was an EFL record during his entire 5 season career, and he won 4 consecutive Quarterback of the Year awards to start his career.


QB Nnamdi Okolocha @evryday

Another quarterback who stepped away from the game in his prime, Nnamdi Okolocha is the current record holder for most passing yards (5,218) and most passing touchdowns (51) in a single season. A 3 time Quarterback of the Year winner, Okolocha ranks top 3 all time in career passing yards, passing touchdowns, and completions. He also left the game in style, setting that passing touchdowns record in his final season and winning his only MVP award in the process.


WR Brady Stropko @Bushito

Brady Stropko was one of the EFL's first premier receivers. Stropko was the first player to reach 10,000 career receiving yards, and at the time of his retirement, was the career leader in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. While he could never quite win a championship, Stropko won a Wide Receiver of the Year award in his 7th season thanks to a career high 1,585 receiving yards and a then EFL record 16 receiving touchdowns.





LB Quentin Harrison @MWHazard

Quentin Harrison may go down as the most decorated linebacker of all time. He is the only player to win 3 Linebacker of the Year & Defensive Player of the Year awards, and he also won 3 EFL Championships in the process. Harrison is the career leader in total sacks with 138, and he also holds the record for most in one season with 31.


DB Vontae Peterson Jr. @GoodLeftUndone

Vontae Peterson Jr. was the first defensive player ever drafted in the EFL, and his versatility in the secondary was unmatched. VPJ started his career by co-winning the EFL's first Cornerback of the Year award, then became the first secondary player to win a Defensive Player of the Year award in his 5th season, where he won his first of two Safety of the Year awards. With his time split between Los Angeles and Miami, VPJ won an incredible 4 EFL Championships over his 9 year career.


CB Ivan Zamora @evryday

Ivan Zamora was the standard for Cornerbacks in the early years of the EFL. Zamora won 3 Cornerback of the Year awards over 8 seasons, all with the Miami Neptune, and he was key in both of Miami's Championship runs. He saved the best for last, winning Defensive Player of the Year in his farewell season. Many players say they want to go out on top; Zamora actually achieved it.



Special Teams:


K Bryce Larkin @Green

Bryce Larkin was the long time offensive backbone of the Miami Neptune. He is the career leader in just about every kicking counting stat, and he won 4 consecutive Kicker of the Year awards. Larkin was a 3 time EFL Champion, with the final one coming thanks to Larkin kicking a game winning field goal in overtime on the last game he would ever play.



Please give all our nominees a big round of applause, and watch out at the end of the season to find out who is joining the Hall of Fame!

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Well Stropko was probably the first superstar wideout but never got that ship. Career was fun regardless 

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Wow, all deserving candidates, I'm afraid I won't be able to beat them to enter the HoF. Good luck all.

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