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Season 12 Trivia Week 3

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We're back at it!


Click HERE for Week 3's questions. Entries close at 11:59 PM next Saturday (April 20th).



If you haven't already, see Turner's post HERE to submit some questions of your own for a chance to earn more if I use your questions in future weeks (sorry for the misinformation!).


Have a question or concern? PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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Entries are CLOSED!


Our answers this week were as follows:

1) What was the longest-distance successful field goal in the EFL in Season 6?

55 yards by Zane! The Season 6 EFL Index stat page tells you what the longest field goals were.

2) Which GM of the Year (GMotY) award winner had the best regular season record?

Doc. Our GM of the Year awards page tells us that he had a 13-1 record, the best of any GM winning the award.


These users answered both correctly and can claim 1 TPE (and get a point for the leaderboard):





















These users answered one correctly and get 0.5 points for the leaderboard, but no TPE:





I'll post Week 4's trivia sometime early tomorrow. Thanks to all participants!

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