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S13 Offseason Schedule

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*All dates are tentative and subject to change*

*Please note some of these dates have been pushed up a day. I believe they were changed a couple seasons ago because we had multiple GMs on Vacation all at once*


5/11: 12:00AM Central: Teams may begin to talk with pending free agents, but MAY NOT post any contracts until FA opens


5/12: Offseason Begins 12:01AM PST At this time any retirements posted will allow the player to play out S13, but they cannot be updated. 


5/13: Training Camps and Spring Training Opens at 12:01am Central


5/14: Free Agency Opens at 12:01AM Central


5/14: S12 NCAA Signing Day opens 12:00PM Central( at this time all recruits can officially declare for their schools, unless they are participating in the ALL AMERICAN GAME, in which case, they’ve already declared privately)


5/16:  Season 12 Draft: Time: TBD


5/17-5/18: NCAA and EFL Awards Shows: Time: TDB


5/18: Free Agency Closes at 11:59PM Central


5/18: Training Camps and Spring Training close at Update Deadline


5/19: Move player pages and finalize rosters


5/19-5/22: File Work 


5/22: NCAA Preseason


5/23: EFL Preseason


5/24: NCAA Week 1


5/24: EFL Week 1

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