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Hudson Abbott/ Peyton Nydroj/ Jasper Canmore

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All retired Immediately. If they play this upcoming season I will be posting non-stop. If what I did is a permaban that is completely ridiculous by league standards.

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You are not doing yourself any favors man. 


1.2 - Cheating and Accusing

Cheating and Accusations of such will not be tolerated. If you think someone is cheating in any way shape or form, contact an Admin.

  • Plagiarizing Point Tasks is considered cheating, all GFX, Media, Podcasts and stuff should be original.
  • Cheating on Updates is considered cheating as well. Cheating involves knowingly updating incorrectly. 
  • Cheating can also include owning, registering, or maintaining a second account. 
  • Tampering in League Activity is also cheating. If you contact a player outside of your team in regards to Free Agency, Team Strategies, Plans for Trades, etc. you are subject to punishment. 
  • Public Accusations of cheating are also considered a break of conduct policy. 

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1.3 - Suspension and Punishment Guidelines

The EFL Commissioners, BOD, and Admin's reserve the rights to enforce punishments based on the above policies, as well as any action made by a user that the BOD or Commissioners deem as detrimental to the league. Punishments can be the following, as well as anything that the BOD deems as reasonable.

  • Game Suspensions
  • Posting Suspensions
  • Salary Penalties
  • Shoutbox Bans
  • Forums Bans
  • Anything the BOD deems reasonable


Users who are banned will have their players retired at the end of the current season.

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