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Season 13 Trivia

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Any question that is asked may be found on the board, or in the historical indexes(as long as they have been provided...IE Season 4 EFL has currently not been, so answers that need to be found in that index will not be asked yet)


Answering both questions right for the week will award you 1 Uncapped TPE for that week. In addition you will earn 1 point for the seasonal leaderboard where you will be awarded more Uncapped TPE based on your results.


Answering only one correct will not earn you any TPE that week, but will earn 1/2 point for the seasonal leaderboard.


At the end of the Season, all points on the leaderboard will be awarded TPE at half your total value. IE: You earned the full 8 points, you would be awarded 4 Uncapped TPE.


Any posting of the trivia questions and/or answers on a public thread will earn you a ban from the game for the season, and that week will be nullified for EVERYONE. Don’t do it. 



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