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Hi, this is Tommy McChicken and I currently play for the Oregon Ducks, I haven't played a single game yet but I am hoping that I will soon, coming from Compton, California, it was a hard trip to Oregon. I had to say goodbye to everyone I knew and I was pretty sad but couldn't believe I finally got my chance for my favorite NCAA team. I packed up to go on the airplane but suddenly my flight was delayed, it was delayed for about 7 hours but when I finally got on the flight I was so happy, I was preparing to play for a college team. The first day of training at my hotel was pretty bad though,  I got a friend to come with me because he was going on a business trip, we practiced my throwing together. I can't remember the exact statline that we were keeping of but I think I went like 30/90 or something terrible like that, but I know my chance is coming and I will push the limits to finally start in the NCAA and play in the EFL. This journey is going to last awhile hopefully and if it doesn't at least I can say I got a chance to do what I loved.

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I still haven't got a chance to play yet, but Hingle has been doing great for us and I know I don't need to play yet, still working on getting that tpe is very to become the starter is hard but very fun to try and battle out people, I never got a chance to battle out people in high school and I was kind of a privileged football player. Through week 5 our team is 5-0 and contending for the NCAA Championship which is great, I never would of thought in my first season I could have the chance to be in an NCAA Championship but that's what just might happen.


I also have been loving Oregon, I went to Portland and had a very fun time, I went to a basketball game, and saw how beautiful it is at night. I love the state and am glad I started my "professional" career now. I can't wait for my career to take off but it will take a long time and I am ready to start next season.


I can only hope to become a starting quarterback in the EFL but i have always wanted to play for the San Antonio Wolfpack, no connection, they were just my favorite team growing up and playing with them would be a dream. On the topic of Wolves, Wolves is a good Kanye song, always loved it. When I hopefully make it to the EFL I will just have to work with what I got and don't give up in myself too early or I could my chance of becoming an all-time great.


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