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Tommy McChicken High School Career Review

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Tommy McChicken was born in Compton, California, growing up he played basketball and was the best on the team, averaging 14 points and 9 assists per game, but eventually he changed his mind and decided to play football. As an 8th grader he was the team's starting kicker but was awful, his field goal percentage was only 44%. He ended up deciding to quit out of sheer embarrassment.


As a freshman, McChicken decided to get into musicals but halfway through the season his high school lost their starting QB due to an ACL tear, McChicken was just an extra in the musical so he decided to tryout for the team. He ended up doing decent and became the 2nd string QB, but 2 games left of his freshman season the other starting QB was kicked off the team due to his grades, this was Tommy's chance, he had to take advantage of it. Tommy in his first game threw for 230 yards, 4TD and 0INT, going on route to beat the other team 34-14, the team was 5-4 and needed to win the last game of the season to make the high school football playoffs, then came the game. McChicken threw for 450 yards, 7TD and 1INT to beat the other high school 49-7, they ended up making the playoffs and Tommy balled out throughout the playoffs and won his team the state championship.


In his sophomore season he decided he wanted to get back into musicals for one year and did not play at all for his high school, although his team went 1-9 that season, he did really well in the musical.

In his junior season he came back to football and set California on fire again (pun not intended) with his skills, his team finished 10-0 and cruised to the championship, but late in the game his team was down 24-17 at their own 2, they needed a miracle. Tommy then drove the team down field to the opponents 7, the game was in his hands, as his receivers ran a slants route, he threw it to..... the other team, they returned it all the way and Tommy lost all credibility. Tommy was saddened and didn't want to even play football next year, but he wanted to be the EFL superstar he dreamed of as a kid, he couldn't throw it away now.


In his senior season he did not play the first 4 games due to breaking his foot in a stupid accident during the summer, when he came back his team was already 3-1, so even without him they probably could still make it to the playoffs, they cruised through the regular season and got to the playoffs. In the playoffs they went down 21-0 in their first game, it was bad, Tommy had thrown 3 picks and no TDs, but they rallied back and won in a shootout 49-48. They went on by with no harm until the championship, it was 24-21 at their own 13 with 1:50 remaining, Tommy thought this would be deja vu and wanted to be subbed out, but they still drove down the field and got to their opponents 4. Their coach didn't want to kick a field goal because their kickers foot was very sore due to an injury a week ago, with 0:07 seconds left on the clock Tommy dropped back and found a WR wide open in the endzone, but a safety came out of nowhere and picked it off, that's game, 3 seconds remain and he just cost his team another championship, he dropped to the ground crying in disbelief, but got back out there to play the final play as a replacement linebacker, the coach of the opposite team was known for taking nonsensical knees and the end of games, so he wouldn't run here right? As, the quarterback got the ball, he actually ran it and Tommy blew it up, the RB fumbled and Tommy ran all the way into the end zone to somehow beat the opponent. They all couldn't believe it but many recruiters still had doubts due to the pick he threw with 7 seconds remaining, but nonetheless he still finished with 2 high school state championships and an amazing end to his high school career, he got recruiting to many schools but decided to go with Oregon where he is now. 

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