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S13 Championship & Media Week!

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S13 Championship & Media Week!





Hello Everyone,


And welcome to the EFL and NCAA Media Week!


Alabama, led by @ANTISIMPLE, is looking to win their 4th Championship while @TacticalHammer's Longhorns are seeking to win their 2nd! In the EFL, @Alecbama has thrown everything (literally) for Los Angeles to get back to the championship while @Wheaties bounced back from a rough season to get back to the championship as well. These two teams both have 3 championships, and this is the 6th time in EFL history these two teams have met, with Miami 3-2 thus far.


We are sure to have two very exciting games to close out Season 13! 


In connection with the title games, we always have ourselves Media Week. Let me remind you how that works. Starting today through Saturday, we invite everyone on the site to write an article, do a graphic or record a podcast to claim double the TPEThat's 6 additional TPE available to everyone for doing the same amount of work you normally do. The catch is the article or graphic MUST be related to either the Championship games, the impending Free Agency period, or the Draft coming up next week!


For those who asked this question last last year, any article or graphic already done this week prior to Media Week CAN be claimed next week. Just think of it as you stocked up. And remember for next season that Media Week starts on a Wednesday(or Tuesday night depending on when the games wrap up)


In addition, for those at their 199 cap in the NCAA, you MAY participate in Media Week now and claim the Points THIS week and not go into the draft. 


The Media Day articles and graphics can be anything as long as they're related to the Title Games, Free Agency, or the Draft. Interview a player like the NFL Media Day does before the Super Bowl. Write a featured piece on one or both coaching staffs or managers. Talk about the key matchups. Rank the FA class. Make it something that people will want to read, and tag those that you've talked about.


Be on the lookout for more Announcements as we head into our S13 Off-Season!


Good luck to our teams looking to win a Championship! 


And as a bonus, if you're looking for something to occupy your time over the off-season, @MMFLEX will be moderating the next iteration of our EFL Mafia games! Sign up here if you are interested!


-BOD Team

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