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S14 San Antonio Training Camp

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Team Philosophies:


+4 TPE to all players that fit the archetype chosen


QB: Field General

RB: One Cut 

FB: Running

WR: Deep threat [S16]

TE: Vertical Threat

ILB: Balanced 

OLB: Pass Rushing

CB: Man Cover [S16]

FS: Zone Cover

SS: Zone Cover 

K: Kicker/Punter


Team Coaches:


TPE gains per position, TE/FB gain is tripled


HC: Alistair Van Persie

OC: Alistair Van Persie (+12 WRs)

DC: Antonio Pierce (+12 S)



QB: Marcel Shipp(+6)

RB: Gale Grey (+9)

TE/FB Coach: Al Golden (+6 * 3) = (+18)

OL Coach:Tom Cable (+6)

DL Coach: Ed Orgeron (+6)

LB: Dyrus Stone (+9)

CB: Greg Schiano (+9)

ST Coach: Dave Wandstedt (+6)


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