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S14 Memphis Mambas Training Camp

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Head Coach: Eddie George

Offensive Coordinator: Curtis Drake (+12 WRs)

Defensive Coordinator: Jeremy Pruitt (+12 LBs)


Team Philosophies:


+4 TPE to all players that fit the archetype chosen


QB: Pocket Passer

RB: Workhorse

FB: Running

WR: Red Zone

TE: Vertical Threat

ILB: Balanced

OLB: Pass Rushing

CB: Run Support

FS: Man Cover

SS: Man Cover

K: Kicker


TPE gains per position, TE/FB gain is tripled



QB Chad Pennington (+6)

RB: Curtis Martin (+9)

TE/FB Coach: Johnny Respect (+6 x 3 = 18)

OL Coach: Nick Mangold (+6)

DL Coach: Shaun Ellis (+6)

CB: Ivan Zamora (+9)

S: Jim Leohnard (+9)

ST Coach: Will Turner IV (+6)




Martin Isaac +10

Emery Park @evryday +9

Cameron Millwall @stevo +13

De'Anderson Sabathia Jr. @omgitshim +12

Sunshine Titan @Tanner0512 +12

Mr. Cornholio @Cornholio +16

Carl Lemington @Wally+12

Jamie Orion @DonCutta190 +16

Clint Bobsky @Tater_Tot +16

Jackson Gser @Ty3 +16

Isaac Martin +9

Andreas Saint Sebastian @Rockstar +13

LaMarcus Oshiomogho @brenstl +13

Jack Smith @J.G.10 +13


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7 minutes ago, DonCutta190 said:



I actually put  down too little tpe gain for Jamie but just fixed it, he gets the full +16!

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