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S14 New Orleans Training Camp

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If you match the archetype, you can claim an extra +4 TPE


QB: Field General

RB: Workhorse

FB: Running

WR: Deep Threat

TE: Vertical Threat

ILB: Balanced

OLB: Coverage

CB: Man Cover

FS: Man Cover

SS: Run Support


Team Coaches:


Reminder: TEs/FBs get to claim a x3 Bonus


HC: Pean Sayton

OC: Carques Molsten: (+12 QBs)

DC: Marold GcCoy: (+12 LBs)


RB: Palter Wayton: (+6)

WR: Ticheal Mhomas (+9)

TE: Gimmie Jhraham (+9)

OL: Rillie Woaf: (+6)

DL: Bed Borgeron: (+6)

CB: Bick Ducktus: (+9)

S: Shaggy Doo: (+9)

ST: Lill Wutz: (+6)

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