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2019 NFL Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Preferences  

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It's that time again! With the 2019 NFL season coming up fast, we're running some fantasy football here in the EFL! Depending on the number of sign-ups, we'll be running either 8 or 10 team leagues. Prize structure will be as follows: 


1st - 8 TPE

2nd - 6 TPE

3rd - 4 TPE

4th - 3 TPE

5th and down - 2 TPE*


*In order to earn any TPE, you must demonstrate at least a bare minimum level of activity over the course of the season (no autodrafting a team and ignoring it all season). 


For the hosting site and scoring system, please see the poll questions. We'll be holding the draft(s) in mid-August. Any questions, let me know!


For those who don't know, PPR stands for point per reception, and just means that catches are worth points separate from just yardage. So for example, a reciever with 5 catches for 34 yards would score slightly better than a receiver with 2 catches for 51 yards. IDP stands for individual defensive player, and means you pick players on defense instead of teams. The IDP format would be 1 DL, 1 LB, and 1 DB. 


Comment below to sign up!

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Espn or yahoo, ppr or non ppr, doesn’t matter. I need to defend my title. 

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Add me to the list

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