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S13 Champions - Los Angeles Reign

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Regular Season Record: 10-4-0


Defeated MIA in League Finals 51-21

Defeated SEA in West Finals 16-6



Quarterback of the Year - John Smith

Offensive Player of the Year - John Smith

League MVP - John Smith

Playoff MVP - John Smith

General Manager of the Year - Alecbama


Team Roster

QB - John Smith

RB - Charlie Hudson

RB - Colt Cream

WR - Patrick Kelley 

WR - Travis James 

WR - Neo Trotzki

CB - Nkuku Azu 

LB - Wizard Blanko 

LB - Big Huge McLarge 

LB - Paul Unkhippie

FS - Ben Faeger 

FS - John Patrick Levine

SS - Ray Ray Foster

SS - Chike Umonkalo 

K - Kasay Longwell 

GM - Alecbama

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