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EFL Draft: Season 15

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Date: Thursday August 29th 2019

Time: 11:30am Central

Presenter: @Turner




Round 1    
1.1: New York(VIA New Orleans): RB Asahel

1.2: San Antonio Wolfpack: S Noah Jacobs
1.3: Wisconsin Brigade: WR Goodall West

1.4: New Orleans Kraken(Via New York): RB Danton Howlson
1.5: Memphis Mambas: K Evenging Chong

1.6: New Orleans Kraken: RB Bonzo Lluellen
1.7: Seattle Predators: CB Steven Donovan
1.8: Miami Neptune: PASS
Round 2    

2.9: New Orleans Kraken: PASS

2.10: San Antonio Wolfpack: PASS
2.11: Wisconsin Brigade: RB Taychon Luminosity

2.12: New York Herd: LB Vincent Van Boom
2.13: New Orleans Kraken: PASS

2.14: Seattle Predators: Pass

2.15: Memphis Mambas: LB Vincent Snow

2.16: Los Angeles Reign: RB Donovan Sayers

Round 3    
3.17: San Antonio Wolfpack: PASS
3.18: Los Angeles Reign: LB Thad Castle
3.19: Wisconsin Brigade: PASS
3.20: New York Herd: PASS
3.21: Miami Neptune: PASS
3.22: Seattle Predators: PASS
3.23: Memphis Mambas: PASS
3.24: Los Angeles Reign: PASS


34 Draftees



Danton Howlson

Noah Jacobs

Goodall West

Evenging Chong

Donovan Sayers

Bonzo Lluellen

Steven Donovan

Warren Snow

Vincent van Boom

Alex Moran

Kevin 'Thad' Castle

Jordan Jones

Tachyon Lumonisity

Terry Fitzgerald-Crews

David Marino

Hingle McCringleberry

Jed Smith

Alexander Betts

Avery Saint Sebastian

Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace

Mickhael-Engelo 'Mick-E' Mowce

Trent Samuel

Marcus King

Lawrence King

Dwayne 'Money' Hands

Ken Dick

Justin Wilson

Malik Al-Jameer

Alfonzo Holland

Kurt Payton

William Schroeder

Passinter Ference

Bradley Casper


Edited by Turner
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We have a new class of draftees hoping to hear their names called here this afternoon and transform themselves from NCAA Stars to EFL Stars!


Our ON THE CLOCK graphics are regurgitated from @OnMyWings and this years draft graphics are from @Rockstar. As a result he will be awarded a point task pass for Season 15. 


A big congratulations go out to the Miami Neptune for their S14 championship and some teams are hoping they find their diamond in the rough here today to push them over the top and dethrone the Neptune!

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NEW ORLEANS trades S15 #1 and S16 2nd round pick to NEW YORK for S15 #4 overall, S16 1st round, and Cooper Irwin. 

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