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S15 San Antonio Finances

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San Antonio Wolfpack

S15 Finances

Salary Cap Info
Salary Cap:       $54.5

Salary Spent:    $53.5


Finances Key
MO = mutual option
TO = team option
PO = player option

NTC = no trade clause

NMC = no movement clause



Rookie Contracts

FS Noah Jacobs

S15: $1.5M

S16: $2M


WR TJ Hendrix

S15: $3M


CB Luke Cafferty

S15: $2.5M


WR Quinton Reeves

S15: $2.5M

FS Nick Vandal

S15: $2M

TE Matt Saracen

S15: $2M


Prime Contracts

QB Gavin Rose

S15: $5M

S16: $6M

S17: $7M



S15: $3M




S15: $2.5M


S Perrin Night

S15: $3.5M

LB Bjorn Lothbrock

S15: $2M

K Balto Whitefang [BOT]

S15: $3M


Veteran Contracts

CB Jackson Hothands
S15: $2.75M


RB Marlon Grey
S15: $4.25M


LB Jorvorskie Crittenden
S15: $7M


LB Jonathon James

S15: $3.5M


LB Dovah Kiin



Dead Cap


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All contracts have been added to the bank log. Thx!

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