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S15 Group #4

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The order of picks is listed based on order that names are listed. Ex: oilmandan has 1st pick. These groups were made using random number generator so don't blame me if you dont like ur draft order.


Draft starts NOW! 


Please Read what omgitshim wrote in the signup post so you know basic information. Make sure to tag the next person after you. You have 18 hrs per pick.

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Due to time constraints, picks will be limited to 12 hours. If you miss your pick, the next person can pick and then so on and so forth until you hop on and make your pick. If you miss two consecutive picks, you will be skipped for every pick thereafter, but you are welcome to hop and pick to get yourself caught up.  


The timer for 12 hours starts at 1pm central 9/4/19(10 minutes). 


We do apologize for the late rush on this, it was something that popped up and Sid was wanting to turn this back into drafts. We are hopeful we can get these all done by the start of Week 3, so go go go!

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QB: Peter La Fleur





Here are the current players taken;


QB Teppu Renomitsu
QB Vince Carswell
QB Matt LeSiege
QB Peter La Fleur


WR Calle Colt
WR Harry King Jr
WR Taktischer Vorschlaghammer
WR Wayne Howerynough'
WR Frank Funk
WR Lorrence Longfingers


RB Devin Schwaibold
RB Jimmy Numbers
RB Femidas Picante
RB Ito Bush
RB Victor von Vanmort


Invalid: LB Rayz Funk @oilmandan LB's are not in this fantasy draft. Please select another player whenever you can.

This is the required team make-up;


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